Five For Friday: Vine Allows Video Imports, AdWords Launches New Bulk Editing, Snapchat Does News, And More!

August 22nd, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

1. Vine Finally Lets You Import Videos From Your PhoneMashable

Love making videos on Instagram? Well guess what! The popular app, Vine, is finally allowing users to upload videos from their phones.

In addition to being able to import your own videos, Vine now also allows you to edit videos, and they have been encouraging users to upload older videos stored on their phones and share them with hashtag, #VintageVine. Check out the announcement video below!

2. Google AdWords Launches New Bulk Editing ToolsSearch Engine Land

Google announced early Wednesday morning that AdWords will now contain a bulk editing feature. This snazzy new tool will allow users to update their settings per campaign in a more user-friendly and efficient way. Some of the benefits include:

  • A filter for campaigns targeting specific location
  • Updating multiple campaigns with a new targeted location
  • Adjusting other settings such as language, campaign end dates, and ad rotation


3. Snapchat is Planning A Move into News, AdvertisingMarketing Land

ghostsmilingimageThe Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday that Snapchat is expected to launch Snapchat Discovery in November. This new product will allow Snapchat users to read news articles and watch video clips the same way they do now: by holding their finger down on a phone screen. The Journal also reported that Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel is looking to get into advertising for his popular app.

4. Bing Maps Adds Hundreds of Streetside & 3D City Images; Plus New HD Aerial ImagesSearch Engine Land

Bing announced a massive maps update this week. Bing Maps now has over 100 cities that support Streetside imagery across America, including Richmond, Boston, Denver and more. They also now have 3D city images and new, high resolution aerial images. 3D cities are viewable through the Bing Maps Preview app, available exclusively on Windows 8.1. Bing Maps also has new high-resolution imagery in over 150 countries on every continent in the world, covering five million square kilometers.

5. Moz Announces Brand New Beginner’s Guide to Link BuildingMoz

Moz released their third guide for marketers this week. As all marketers know, link building has changed over the years. One thing that has not is the importance of link building. In this updated guide, readers will learn:

  • What is link building, and why is it important in SEO?
  • What are good links and what are bad links?
  • How you can start a link building campaign
  • Link building tactics
  • Link building metrics
  • The good, the bad, and the ugly of link building
  • Advanced link building tips and tricks

Click here to download the PDF!