Search Influence is committed to growing the diversity of our team, fostering an inclusive working environment, and helping eliminate barriers of entry into our field. We want the company’s infrastructure—from our vendors, to our interns, to our contractors—to reflect the community and world in which we live and work.

This section of our website provides us the opportunity to demonstrate the concrete ways we move towards this goal.

Read a letter on diversity to our team from Will and Angie Scott, Search Influence co-founders from June 2020.

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Recruiting, Hiring, and Talent Development

Search Influence’s Executive team continues to evaluate and update the company’s recruiting and hiring process to reach a diverse candidate pool and ensure that any individual who qualifies for an open position has an equal opportunity for hiring.


In order to raise awareness of open positions with wider audiences, Search Influence identified and began posting to Diversity Employed and Generation USA.

Diversity Employed seeks to connect candidates from diverse backgrounds with employers and professional development opportunities. Generation USA has a digital marketing program in partnership with New Orleans’ Delgado Community College that helps students receive certifications for programs including Google Analytics and Facebook Blueprint. Upon completion of this program, students can qualify for entry-level careers in digital marketing.

Reducing the Gender Wage Gap

In previous updates to the company’s hiring practices, Search Influence removed salary history questions from its application process. Salary history questions can contribute to a gender pay gap, so the company introduced pay bands based on the position’s value in the industry, location, and company.


Our COO received the Diversity and Inclusion in the Workplace Certificate from the University of Southern Florida. This seven-week certification provides business and community leaders with
essential practices and tools designed to increase employee diversity and to create a business model that embraces equity and inclusion.

Changes to the hiring process as a result of these learnings:

  • Job descriptions now undergo a gender bias check prior to posting
  • The interview process now includes a panel interview. Panel interviews reduce biases in and increase the likelihood that Search Influence hires individuals who act collaboratively within the company in general and across departments.

YouthForce NOLA Partnership

Search Influence has a long-standing partnership with YouthForce NOLA that dates back to the internship program’s inception in 2015. YouthForce NOLA is a nonprofit organization that collaborates with businesses to prepare young people from underserved communities in New Orleans for fulfilling careers in high-demand industries.

In Spring 2021, Search Influence welcomed a cohort of six interns. We pair each YouthForce NOLA intern with a mentor to guide them throughout their experience. The mentor coordinates training with agency subject matter experts and offers feedback as interns progress through the program.

Since 2015, Search Influence has hosted more than 10 interns, with two continuing to work at the agency after completing their internships. One of our early YouthForce interns, who continued to work with us part-time after the program, went on to a full scholarship at Tulane University.

IDEA Committee

IDEA Committee Logo - Search Influence

About the IDEA Committee

In response to the June 2020 protests against racial injustice, Search Influence team members volunteered to form a committee to support the company’s education around inherent bias and diversity practices. The group named themselves the IDEA Committee (Inclusivity, Diversity, and Equity Awareness) and now meets monthly. IDEA is open to all employees at Search Influence.

IDEA Mission Statement

Search Influence is a professional organization composed of a diverse group of individuals, including those from different races, ethnicities, nationalities, socioeconomic statuses, religious backgrounds, genders, gender identities and expressions, and sexual orientations.

The IDEA Committee seeks to:

  • facilitate our agency’s ongoing efforts to nurture a culture and atmosphere of mutual respect.
  • attract, retain, and promote inclusion, diversity, equity, and awareness within and beyond our organization.



Kayla Goforth - Search Influence

Kayla Goforth

Crysten Price - Search Influence

Crysten Price

Executive Team Sponsors:

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Jeanne Lobman

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Courtney Cummins

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Shira Pinsker

Commitments, Outcomes and Accomplishments

The IDEA Committee will demonstrate its commitment through:

  • increased cultural competency.
  • commitment toward research focusing upon diversity and equity.
  • diverse hiring.
  • behaviors, policies, and practices that support an ongoing inclusive climate for all.

Company Presentations & Survey Collection

By the end of 2021, the IDEA Committee will coordinate and deliver 9 DEI (Diversity, Equity, Inclusion) presentations to the company to further Search Influence’s collective education and awareness.

Prior to the start of these presentations, the IDEA Committee distributed a company-wide survey to collect a baseline of collective team knowledge in DEI areas and measure the employee perception of how Search Influence performs in these areas.

Survey goals

  • Collect a baseline of collective team knowledge in DEI areas
  • Generate topic ideas for presentations

We will conduct the same survey at the end of the period to see if we have raised the collective knowledge of our team.

Presentations Delivered
  • Civil Discourse: To begin our journey of creating a great culture of inclusion at Search Influence we shared a framework for how everyone could feel safe, heard, and respected in future discussions. We defined what civil discourse is (and is not); why it’s important; and what it looks like.

Updates to Company Graphic Resources and Practices

IDEA identified a stock photography resource for photos of Black and Brown people. In order to elevate this opportunity to diversify our photo libraries, we shared this resource in a company meeting and added it to our stock photography documentation.

Gender Pronoun in Company Signatures

IDEA highlighted the opportunity for Search Influence team members to include their preferred pronouns in their email signature. In addition to providing a step-by-step guide as to how to implement these changes, one of our committee members presented to the company about gender expression and the value of pronoun identification as a way to acknowledge someone’s identity.


IDEA partnered with YEP (Youth Empowerment Project) to support their mission to empower young people to improve their lives and the lives of others. YEP runs several enrichment programs to address persistent inequities, but they had to pause or alter many of these programs due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. More so, the pandemic has impacted the jobs and lives of many of the young people YEP helps.

To cushion this impact, the IDEA Committee coordinated donations from the entire company. Influencers donated dozens of items, including school and household cleaning supplies, personal hygiene products, and gift cards.