Digital Marketing for Zoos, Museums, and Attractions

Marketing for museums, parks, zoos, and other attractions can be challenging, but it is not impossible with the right team. According to Google, 85% of leisure travelers decide on activities after they’ve arrived at their destination. Research also shows that today’s consumer is more spontaneous when travelling due to ease of research via smartphones.

So, what does this mean for the tourism industry? With a targeted digital marketing campaign, your brand has the opportunity to captivate your core audience at several levels of the visitor’s journey. Whether you are welcoming a tourist to your city or reminding a local of all the great attractions their city has to offer, having a streamlined and informative digital marketing presence is what will capture their attention.

Your challenge of marketing your attraction
Budget and time are major concerns for most marketing teams, particularly in the attraction and tourism industries. It is difficult to balance priorities and several promotions without stretching your team thin. Smaller organizations tend to suffer even more with their team members often playing multiple roles. One of the things our clients tell us they appreciate most about working with Search Influence is that they get to focus on projects that require their attention while the strategy, execution, and measurement of their marketing campaigns are handled by a team they trust.

Top Digital Marketing Opportunities for Attractions

The key aspects you should consider for your digital strategy are:


Don’t dive into the sea lion pool without a plan first. Target locals, members, and visitors to your city differently, and with different messaging that will resonate with their context. A member may just need to be reminded about the special event on Friday, where a visitor to your city may just be learning about your property. Allow us to research and define buyer personas, and align our strategies, tactics, and messaging to their needs.



Show off your best side with polished, alluring, and accessible digital content in support of your SEO, social media, and paid advertising strategies. Your attraction is all about content – how well does your digital presence communicate the beauty and uniqueness of your attraction?



Be found in the moment of need when prospective visitors turn to search to answer the question of – how should we spend our afternoon? Whether your visitors are booking travel to your destination or are locals looking for something to do around town, be found when they are searching thanks to our deep roots in technical search optimization and local search optimization.



Meet your visitors where ever they spend their time online with targeted digital advertising. Over 90% of time online is spent outside of search – with much of that on Facebook, Instagram, and other social platforms. Influential ads featuring enticing video, graphics, and messaging will engage your audience as we target them based on their location, travel habits, family status, and, buying behavior.



Introduce accountability to each of your marketing efforts with defined KPIs per platform. You’ll receive regular reporting so you know what’s working – and what’s not – and, what we’re doing about it. Our Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager certified team has worked through complex tracking challenges across multiple platforms, including a site with 3 separate ecommerce platforms, and, a set of web properties including more than 15 separate but interconnected websites.

Search Influence Helps Audubon Nature Institute With Online Marketing Campaign

Learn about how we drove a 141% increase in e-commerce revenue for Audubon Nature Institute in Year 1.

Client Testimonial

“Audubon Nature Institute is most proud of our work with Search Influence in the realm of our search and social. Our organic reach and our paid reach has more than doubled since we began working with Search Influence.”Chimene Grant, Vice President of Marketing at Audubon Nature Institute

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