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We helped Donaldson Plastic Surgery bring in 430 new patients by delivering 1,200 new patient inquiries in 1 year.

From plastic surgery and dermatology to internal medicine and dentistry, the medical industry can be an aggressive marketplace. Targeting the right kind of patients while also generating awareness of your procedures, facilities, and services is a major juggling act. In a day and age where 59% of adult internet users Google a procedure or potential illness before seeking medical advice, it is crucial for your practice to provide accurate and easy-to-find information online.

A strong digital marketing strategy should optimize your patients’ experiences and also take your practice to the next level through attraction and retention. But running a successful practice and managing a digital marketing campaign can be beyond challenging. Like medicine, marketing is results driven, and your reputation matters. Although pursuing a digital presence for your medical practice can seem like a conundrum, it doesn’t have to be.

Top Digital Marketing Opportunities for Your Medical Practice

These strategies have enabled the practices we help to expand their revenue by adding new doctors, procedures, and services to capitalize on the demand.


By translating patient satisfaction via online content on your website and social media, potential patients can experience why they should choose you. Many well-established practices come to us to level up their online brand to the stature of their real-world reputation.



Give your patients a taste of your expertise and bedside manner with online content—your greatest digital asset. Our expert content team will create engaging copy that captures the voice of your practice and keeps your patients informed throughout their decision making process.



Get found when patients are searching for a solution in your area. Using leading paid search and organic techniques, we’ll increase your visibility, making it easy for patients to connect with you (ideally before they contact your competition)!



Assure that referred patients find the best side of your online brand when they search for more information. It’s very easy for negative reviews to make their way online without your knowledge. We’ll help proactively generate positive testimonials, monitor ratings sites for bad reviews, and, work with you to avoid them altogether.



Showcase your practice’s personality, story, and best attributes to a wider audience of both new and existing patients on social media. Engaging in a direct and genuine way will help them think of you first when in their next moment of need. Our team has the resources and experience to develop and execute an effective strategy including content planning, creation, publication, and promotion.



Meet your potential patients where they spend their time online most with targeted digital advertising on Facebook, Instagram, and large set of websites available via Google Display. Engage segments of your audience with targeted messaging based on age, gender, and where they are in their decision making process.



Enhance the patient experience on your website either by improving your existing assets or starting fresh. Our stealthy web developers will make your website navigation process painless for your patients. We optimize your site across a variety of channels making a sleek and streamlined interface for desktop, mobile, and other devices.


Why market your practice with Search Influence?

At Search Influence, we’ve built an undeniable reputation for ourselves among our medical industry clients. Based on our unparalleled ability to produce results, we’ve developed tools that are innovative and allow our clients to rise above their competition. We’re skilled at what we do. Let us provide you with precise solutions that will produce results and ultimately more revenue for your practice.


Hear from our clients

“Search Influence continues to be an invaluable partner in the development and expansion of my online presence that reflects the growth and evolution of my surgical practice. My team is consistently innovative, responsive and sensitive to my unique branding parameters. I enjoy our working relationship, and am thrilled with the results.”
Jeffrey Donaldson, MD, Owner

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