Make Local SEO Efforts Accountable

Search Engine Optimization, better known as SEO, is more than just being found online. The digital marketing landscape is constantly changing and becoming more intuitive for online searches. In order to keep up, businesses have to find new techniques for engaging with their customer base. At Search Influence, we’ve made it our business to help companies like yours rank in local SEO searches and outperform your direct competitors.

What’s the Difference Between SEO and Local SEO?

The main difference between local SEO and traditional SEO is that local SEO has a geographical component. For example, an online company like Zappos wants to be found for someone searching for shoes no matter where they are, because they can offer anyone, anywhere, a great selection of shoes. But, a shoe store with 3 locations in a metro area wants to rank when someone is searching for shoes in their area—that’s local SEO. The goal of local SEO is to increase your search visibility in the area you truly serve. Local SEO is critical for single and multi-location businesses who want to gain more customers in specific locations. The difference in strategy for local SEO is that tactics must be focused around the targeted area in order to prove to Google and the other search engines that you are truly relevant for that location.

What Tactics are Critical for Local SEO Success?

Building trust with major search engines like Google is key to attracting leads online. When potential customers perform a search, whether on their mobile phone or desktop, our goal is to make it easy for them to find your business first. Some of the key elements to a successful local search strategy are:


If your contact information, listings, prices, and other pertinent information is inconsistent online, your customers will be frustrated and have a bad experience. Also, Google uses the information to decide who to show in searches, which affects your Google visibility. Our tech experts will scour the internet and update your information across all platforms.


Rally your potential customers and drive sales with engaging content both on and off your website. From informative product descriptions to interesting videos, we will inspire your customers to take action. Our talented, in-house writers will create industry-relevant copy that seeks to build a relationship with your core audience.


Convert new leads with positive reviews and ratings on trusted sites like Google and Yelp. We’ll analyze your current status on these sites and establish techniques and strategies to capture your customers’ stellar experience in the form of reviews and testimonials.


Enhance your trust with Google by earning links and mentions on trusted websites in your local area. Our team will identify the best opportunities for your business and work with you to earn spots that will improve your rankings..


Last but certainly not least, a critical part of any campaign is tracking success! What should you track for success in a local SEO campaign?

  • Leads and new customers through a tool like LeadSNDR
  • Organic website traffic through Google Analytics
  • Keyword rankings
  • Impressions, clicks, and calls through Google My Business dashboard

What’s most important to track? Leads and new customers.
Through LeadSNDR, our premier lead tracking system, you’ll be able to see what customers your organic search efforts are driving, so you can measure a real ROI on your local SEO campaign.

Why Choose Search Influence for Local SEO?

Founded in 2006, Search Influence has remained a leader in the local SEO and digital marketing industry. Selected to participate as an expert contributor to Local Search Ranking Factors, our team regularly speaks on local SEO at national conferences like LocalU, Pubcon, MozCon Local, and SMX. We were chosen as one of just 20 firms to be featured on Moz’s trusted Local SEO companies for demonstrating expertise and commitment to local business owners. We’ve also developed LeadSNDR, an innovative lead management system that offers advanced data and analytics, allowing us to get you the results you need.

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