Working at Search Influence

What sets the Search Influence team apart from every other team is our culture. We are CHARGED! It’s our vision to Optimize The Potential of everyone we work with including: of course, our team and clients but also our vendors, contractors and the communities we work in.

It’s why New Orleans City Business calls us a Best Place to Work and Times-Picayune named us a Top Workplace.

Wondering what CHARGED stands for?

We have always been CHARGED and in 2015 we worked with our team to define what that means. Read more: Fully CHARGED: Search Influence Announces Seven Core Values.

We live by our values. We give kudos to other team members based on them. Our biannual employee reviews include 360, self, and manager feedback on the CHARGED values.

What our Team Says About Working at Search Influence

The three things that are consistently brought up are the Search Influence team itself, transparency, and listening to feedback.

People: We hire based on our values and vision, which means everyone in the company is aligned. It is not uncommon for the Search Influence team to become fast friends. Expect to see us at local events like NOEW, Wednesdays at The Square, and other social events together.

Genuine is the CHARGED value that best defines the people on the team. We may take a couple tries to get something right, but we’re always striving to support one another.

Transparency: Every week we share billing, new sales, and even — less frequently — losses. Monthly we review our Income Statement and train new employees how to read it so they can feel involved and informed. The entire Search Influence team has the information they need to know how the business is doing, how their team is doing, and how they are doing.

Feedback: Every individual participates in a regular “huddle” where we discuss news and the upcoming day. Each team member has a biweekly 1-on-1 with their supervisor for support and to strategize their work 2 weeks at a time.

Through these meetings we assure a steady flow of communication throughout the team.

We conduct regular Start, Stop, Continue conversations with each team member so they can share feedback on how the company is doing from their perspective.

And, we provide mechanisms for anonymous feedback if preferred.

The leadership team takes seriously their role to look for trends, and to address concerns brought by the team.

Remote Work

We are currently 100% remote. We have plans to get back to an office in the future, but for now the safety of our team is our number one priority.

IDEA Committee

In the summer of 2020 we felt it was important to formalize a place where the Search Influence team can work together on issues of Inclusion, Diversity, Equity and Awareness.

The IDEA Committee is open to every employee at Search Influence. The committee sets goals for the year and then strives to improve workplace diversity and inclusion.

Why We Love What We Do

We love our work because we get to help local and national businesses grow. No two days look the same—and we wouldn’t want it any other way! Check out what some of our team members have to say about their experiences at Search Influence.

“I started at Search Influence in 2013 as a senior software engineer, through which I impacted the software we use today as well helped educate the team on SOLID design principles. The company sponsored my scrum master certification which allowed me to implement the agile scrum methodology into our software process and beyond. The support of this endeavor is an example of how Search Influence enables team member growth and development.

A few years ago I was tapped to lead the entire technology & development department, where I still use continuous learning methods from scrum to help my teams improve themselves which in turn improves what we provide to our clients.”

Shane Kretzmann

Manager of Technology & Development


“My favorite thing about working at Search Influence has been the people I’ve worked with and the opportunities that working here has presented. Everyone is so smart and dedicated to getting great results for our clients. There’s always something new and challenging to learn and the team has always been supportive and encouraging when taking those things on.”

Teri Murphy

Project Manager


“When I came to Search Influence, I started out as a Digital Advertising Coordinator with little knowledge about online advertising–but determined to learn. Through trainings and growth opportunities, such as critical projects and problem-solving, I was taught everything I needed to know for my role and beyond. Within 11 months, I received my first promotion to Digital Advertising Analyst, which would not have been possible without collaborative teammates and an environment that cultivates learning new things every day.”

Marissa Maggio

Digital Advertising Analyst