Our company values help our employees and clients understand what Search Influence stands for.

Laying out these values during the hiring and onboarding processes allows for full transparency and a company culture built on shared goals and ideals.

From championship-winning football teams (Who Dat!) to family discussions at the kitchen table, outlining your team’s values is an essential step in ensuring success.

As a three-time winner of CityBusiness’s “Best Places to Work,” the Search Influence team utilizes our CHARGED values in every aspect of our operations.

The acronym, CHARGED, stands for:

  • Collaborative
  • Hungry
  • Agile
  • Reliable
  • Genuine
  • Effective
  • Dedicated

Our CHARGED approach to digital marketing leads to impactful campaigns for our clients and work-life balance for our employees.

Interested in either of the above?

Learn how you can optimize your business or career potential with our straightforward values.


Collaborative Value Graphic - Search Influence

Collaborative defined:

We are one team. Regardless of role or department, we operate as a unit through clear and constant communication.

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What Collaborative means for our clients:

For our clients, Collaborative means we act as an extension of your team. We learn from you, as the subject matter experts of your brand, product, and vision. We bring new possibilities for your business, with our expert learnings about SEO and other digital marketing strategies.

This mind meld of your insights and our best practices creates an all-star squad of thought leaders, working together to optimize campaigns and elevate outcomes.

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What Collaborative means for our team:

Our team members, including our leadership team, use clear communication daily to move projects forward in a timely manner.

Because our team is full of industry experts in their own specific niche, an insightful thought or idea is never far away.

This Collaborative workflow allows us to alleviate the amount of time we get stuck on a task, lessening the frustration and brain fog that can come with working in a creative industry.


Hungry Value Graphic - Search Influence

Hungry defined:

We are a community of explorers; we’re naturally curious and hungry to learn. We take initiative, approach opportunities with a thirst for innovation, and share this knowledge with the company and our clients.

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What Hungry means for our clients:

As a client, you can expect every member of our team to be Hungry to ensure your digital marketing campaign is results-driven and at the forefront of your industry.

This hunger to constantly grow as marketing professionals means your campaigns will utilize the most up-to-date tools and tactics. Our team is continually trying to learn new ways to evolve with the industry in order to ensure your campaign’s success.

From our content writers testing out the latest SEO writing assistants to our online ads team spending countless hours researching the intricacies of Google Analytics 4 — we are Hungry to grow with you.

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What Hungry means for our team:

While we are known to enjoy the fine food New Orleans culture has to offer, in this instance, our team is Hungry for knowledge, industry trends, and career development.

While working at Search Influence, you will gain an in-depth understanding of digital marketing that will help you grow in your career. We’re always looking for blogs to read, podcasts to listen to, and research studies to review so we can stay informed on the latest and greatest digital marketing insights.

(Also, still kinda Hungry for New Orleans cuisine.)


Agile Value Graphic - Search Influence

Agile defined:

We strive for constant improvement, learning from challenges and recognizing our successes. We consider innovation an investment in ourselves, our company, and our future.

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What Agile means for our clients:

As much as we take pride in the strategies we craft for you, if you have a change, or if a problem occurs, we are Agile and ready to adapt.

We have processes in place that make it easy for us to pivot and prioritize critical situations, such as downed software or an underperforming campaign.

Navigating the curveballs that come with unexpected situations strengthens campaigns and allows us to deliver the ROI you expect.

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What Agile means for our team:

Like a rock climber scaling the side of a cliff, our team adapts to challenges on our way to the summit.

We’re always looking for ways to improve our processes and evolve with the industry, even if that means tossing comfortable procedures out the window. This ability to evolve with the industry allows us to be a cutting-edge national agency.

When Google updates, we do.

When artificial intelligence (AI) provides lean opportunities for SEO execution, we move with the future.

We remain at the forefront of the online advertising industry by staying open to new ideas from anywhere in our workforce. Whether you’ve been here six months or six years, if you have a way to improve our processes, we are all ears.


Reliable Value Graphic - Search Influence

Reliable defined:

We do the right thing. We make decisions that are in the best interest of our clients, the company, and the team.

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What Reliable means for our clients:

Clients rely on us to nurture their campaigns until they yield results, follow through on what we say, and deliver on time.

We have your best interest in mind and do whatever is necessary to help your campaign flourish.

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What Reliable means for our team:

We do not micromanage at our New Orleans digital marketing agency.

Instead, we hire independent, self-motivated marketers who hold themselves accountable and take responsibility, even when it’s difficult.


Genuine Value Graphic - Search Influence

Genuine defined:

We come as we are, learn as we grow, possess humility, and strive to always support one another.

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What Genuine means for our clients:

As a client of Search Influence, you can expect us to be open and honest with you about the health of your campaign.

If we make a mistake, we will be the first ones to let you know. This open approach to our business relationship is what gives our team a Genuine feel.

We find that forming this relationship, built on trust from the start, allows us to grow together and create campaigns that truly accomplish your desired results.

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What Genuine means for our team:

We encourage all team members to come to work (from home) as their true selves.

Search Influence is a gumbo of different personalities, backgrounds, and quirks. And honestly, we all like each other.

Team members are Genuine in their roles and support each other because there is an understanding that when one of us succeeds, we all do.


Effective Value Graphic - Search Influence

Effective defined:

We get things done and done well. It is our responsibility to be great at our jobs so our clients can focus on what they do best.

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What Effective means for our clients:

Our team strives to create Effective campaigns that help businesses grow and thrive. What we create online must yield real-world results for your business.

Search Influence is a numbers-first digital marketing agency — we believe in what the analytics tell us. If your campaign doesn’t perform to its full potential, we are ready to do the extra work to ensure the intended outcome.

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What Effective means for our team:

As tasks move from one department to another, each Search Influence team member works to ensure their output is in support of the client’s desired results.

This teamwork helps individual employees not to feel overwhelmed by their daily tasks — giving everyone the flexibility to produce efficient, results-driven work.


Dedicated Value Graphic - Search Influence

Dedicated defined:

We strive to deliver excellence in all we do, knowing that we have staked our reputations on the results of our work.

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What Dedicated means for our clients:

We help our clients reach their goals. When you partner with Search Influence, your goals become our goals — and we are committed to getting results.

Whether that means more enrollments at a higher ed institution or more tickets purchased for local attractions, we work together to ensure a successful campaign.

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What Dedicated means for our team:

For our team to function at the highest level, we must be Dedicated to each other and our work processes.

This looks like helping a team member with their workload if necessary or hopping on a client call when individual expertise is needed.

Because our team members are unwavering in our processes and each other, technicalities fall to the side, thus allowing for work and ideas to flow with ease.


The New Orleans SEO Experts at Search Influence

At Search Influence, we utilize these values as a foundation to build upon for ourselves and our clients.

Our CHARGED values hold every team member to the same standard — from our COO to the newest hire.

When everyone knows what is expected of them, creating high-quality, results-driven work for our clients is much easier.

Now that you know a little about us, we’d love to know a little about you.

Contact the New Orleans online advertising experts at Search Influence to discuss the future of your business. Interested in joining our CHARGED team? View our current openings and positions.