#NOLATech Week 2016: How To Drive More Traffic To Your Site

October 12th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

In conjunction with NOLATech Week 2016, Search Influence hosted a workshop to help support small businesses in their online marketing efforts. Paula Keller and Mary Silva presented on how to boost your local search rankings and ways to drive traffic to your website respectively.  

Paula Keller’s “How To Boost Your Local Search Rankings”

Paula’s “How To Boost Your Local Search Rankings” presentation took the audience through what types of businesses benefit from local SEO efforts. It also detailed the different types of Google My Business pages and how to use them. With the insight from Paula’s presentation, business owners can better understand how to optimize their business both onsite and offsite to gain better local search rankings.



Mary Silva’s “10 Ideas To Drive Traffic To Your Website”

Mary’s “10 Ideas To Drive Traffic To Your Website” presentation tackled concepts that influence your site’s user experience and actionable ways to help improve traffic to your site. It covered topics ranging from highly technical concepts like Schema markup and Google Search Console Analysis to less laborious efforts like directory and authoritative link earning. She explained how to use Schema.org rich snippets to create more engaging search results for your website on Google. Her presentation also went into detail on how to use social media efforts effectively to not only post but also promote engaging content like infographics. “Think of your online marketing efforts as a service,” said Mary, Internet Marketing Team Lead at Search Influence. “We know our users, and we’re getting them closer to their end goal faster. Make your overall goal to give users a cleaner, better experience and make users lives easier. ”


In utilizing some of the tips and tools explained in these two presentations, guests could help increase their business’s online success in many ways including, but not limited to, improved visibility in local search results and increased traffic to their sites.

For more information on the event, visit www.searchinfluence.com or contact the office directly at 504-208-3900 or Search Influence, 935 Gravier St #1300, New Orleans, La. 70112.