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October 3, 2010

New Google Local Changes Everything

Google has updated the way search engine results are viewed with their new Place Search. Intended to be “a faster, easier way to find local,” the new integrated results are changing the way prospective customers view your and your competitors’ information when they search for what you are selling.

Here is an example of the old results:

And this is the new:

What this means for your business:

Increased importance of presence and strength in local. The new result set are determined by a balance of authority in the local maps and authority within organic results. Businesses with a Place page associated with their website will be more prominent in the new results.
Higher cost for top 3 PPC positions. Sponsored ads #4 and below have been pushed further down the page, making the top 3 spots that much more valuable and coveted.
Increased prominence of reviews. The results page shows a rating on a 5-star scale compiled from multiple third part review sites, as well as direct links to reviews on such sites.

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