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April 20, 2010


Springtime is here and for many businesses, spring means busy season. Before you get into the day to day, read our tips and tricks for keeping your online presence strong in this crucial time for ringing in sales.

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Here we go:

Burying Negative Content

These days it is really easy to tarnish the online reputation of a company. Just one bad review or article posted on a high traffic web site is all it takes.

In most instances it is impossible to have negative comments and stories removed.

The best way to fight negativity is through positivity. The simplest way to do this is to drown it out. Good news can chase bad news down the search engine ranks to the 2nd or 3rd page, where it is less likely to be found.

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Secret of Successful E-mail Newsletters

Many clients ask what the point of an e-mail newsletter is and how it can help them grow their business. Will people read it? Will it clog up potential customer inboxes? How much is it?

There are several reasons I recommend e-mail newsletters. Not only do they provide free information, they are also one of the least expensive and most effective tools to draw attention to a site.

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Exploring the Successfulness of Facebook Advertising

For years there have been only three internet ad services I viewed successful:Google Adwords, Yahoo Sponsored Search, and MSN Adcenter. Don’t misunderstand; I was aware of other services. I am a social media packrat after all, but I never considered them realistic alternatives to the holy SEM trinity. They seemed like gimmicks. As PPC manager at Search Influence, I provide these services to our clients but I never realized how truly profitable social media advertising was until I started comparing the conversion rates.

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Secret of Small Business Social Media

One of the questions we hear from pretty much every client is “Should we be on Facebook?” “Do I need to Twitter? Tweet? Twit?” or, if they are already on it, they ask how they can make better use of Twitter or Facebook for business purposes.

For a small business to be successful using social media, a small business must be an active participant in and on that social media platform,
whatever it may be.

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Top Links of the Week

We’re constantly coming across interesting articles, photos, and links around here. Some are relevant to our line of work, some not so much, some are funny, some are informative. Today we’d like to share a few of the most practical and useful ones with you, including links to in-depth instructions on how to create something everyone everyone is after: a dynamic and engaging Facebook fan page!

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