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July 20, 2010

Hi there!

It’s summertime. As George Gershwin would say “the livin’ is easy”.

Unless you’re a business owner, in which case the summer can be stressful with downtime and planning for the next year to stay at the top of your game. Before you get bogged down in the daily hustle, check out our tips and tricks to keep your business top of page and top of mind.

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Here we go:

Pay Per Click for Dummies? Hire a Professional.

I come from a family of “do-it-yourselfers”. When my mom wanted new curtains for the kitchen, she’d go to the local craft store and purchase 3 – 5 feet of fabric and hot glue to her heart’s content. My dad was no better; I remember watching him jury rig the plumbing after the basement flooded. While I always admired their “make it work” attitudes, these (and many other) situations always ended with a call to a professional. So when I hear that non-search marketers are doing pay per click marketing, I have flashbacks of curtains falling apart, pipes constantly leaking, and money being wasted.

Pay per click marketing is a tricky platform with many intricate pieces. As a PPC professional, I find myself in the role of a copywriter, researcher, accountant, analyst, and a gambler. It’s a daily routine juggling daily budgets, maximum bids, and demographic settings to ensure the highest possible ROI with the given budget.

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Using Facebook Markup Language for Social Media Marketing

When I was in elementary school I hated my school uniform. The yellow shirt, brown tweed jacket, blue slacks, and that awful little tie. I remember questioning the school taste level and being matter-of-factly told the uniforms made us focus on school rather than each other. I hate those uniforms because of their lack of personality.

I initially had the same feelings towards Facebook. Despite it many features and (annoying) applications, everyone’s accounts looked the same. Sure this was FB’s way to avoid the flashing gif walls and neon colors of Myspace profiles but it took away people’s individuality. Anyone who is into social media marketing can tell you, if you want the community following you gotta stand out. Thankfully Facebook understood this and gave developers Facebook Markup Language.

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Break Out of the Local Linking Same Old Same Old

It has come to my realization that I am in a rut. An external linking rut.

Well, I knew I needed to revisit linking strategies … it’s one of those things that I never sat down to research and really dig into because I have procrastinated incredibly well, but the past week has propelled me in that direction, not necessarily with my consent. But once I started digging into the data and ignoring the world around me, it was good.

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2010 Local Search Ranking Factors

badge2Search Influence is honored to have once again been invited by David Mihm to take part in his annual study on Local Search Ranking Factors. The best part of this collaboration is that the questions have remained fairly constant from year to year in order to study the change from year to year that SEOs have observed in Google’s local algorithm.

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Mobile Marketing No Longer Means Slapping Your Ad on a Bus

Imagine you just pulled into the mall parking lot with your three antsy children who are complaining that they are hungry, need to go to the potty and want to go to the Disney Store… Amidst all of the chaos of getting them out of the mini van and making sure you have your purse (and your sanity), you accidentally lock your keys in the car. And, the car is still running. This is so not what you needed! But, fortunately…

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