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November 3, 2010

Google SEO Guide Update!

Google recently released an updated version of their SEO guide, which covers everything from SEO basics to effectively promoting your site on the web. Plus, you get to stare at a cute little robot as he acts as your tour guide through the world of SEO.

Read our blog, which includes a link to the guide for download.

New Google Local Changes Everything

We know you heard about this from us last week, but it’s such a big deal that we’re telling you about it again. If you didn’t read it the first time, do so now!

The Dangers of Duplicate Content

So you have decided to take your business’s marketing to the next level and you hire a company that guarantees you a functional Web site, which
will attract customers and grow your business. Seems flawless, right? Not necessarily.

Check out the full blog post to find out how you can dodge falling prey to duplicate content.

11 Ways to Make Your Customers Swoon

In the world of social media, simply engaging your customers isn’t necessarily enough. Lisa Barone thinks you have to woo them, and in this blog she relates 11 ways to make this happen.

What Small Businesses can Learn from Comics

For a bit of fun, check out our highest read blog about what we can learn from Marvel Entertainment’s Internet marketing campaign.