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Stop wondering if your online marketing budget is well spent. Search Influence's expert team offers SEO and paid advertising to make sure your products and services get found.

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Search Influence provides scalable Search, Social and Online Advertising solutions to thousands of local businesses and publisher partners across the US.

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You sign them up. We do the work. You get the glory.

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Local Businesses

On the map, below the map, or no map…be found where your customers are searching!

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Multi-loc & Franchises

Scalable solutions for every location, in every market. PPC & Display & Lead Tracking, oh my!

Trusted, Scalable Search, Social and Online Advertising

A national website promotion company, Search Influence routinely delivers a 10:1 return on investment, or better, for our customers. Offering Search, Social and Online Advertising to thousands of local businesses (both directly and as an outsourcing partner to major marketing companies), is our focus, and has been for the past six years.

Whether you’re a small business, a major publisher partner or a multi-location franchise, we focus on your business’ ROI. Our scalable suite of online marketing services includes in-house production and personal service from our trained account management team.

Let us promote your brand online, increase website traffic, and deliver qualified leads through our holistic Internet marketing approach, including:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Online Advertising
  • Social Media
  • Reputation Management
  • Analytics and Online Lead Tracking

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Search Influence dove deep into our business lines and gained an intimate understanding of our needs. The results were not just higher search rankings, but a complete online strategy helping us grow our user base nationally.
Brian Danos
Archon Information Systems

Thought leaders in local search optimization, online advertising and marketing, the Search Influence team has appeared in industry publications such as:

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Within the past decade or so, it’s no surprise that everyone is hopping onto the data bandwagon. To businesses big and small, across all industries, it’s all about collecting data, data, data. However, while we focus endless efforts on collecting and analyzing data, we often lose sight of the reason why. This is especially true
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Continuing the trend of the recent push towards wearable tech, Facebook recently announced that they have acquired the virtual reality company Oculus VR, for a price tag of around two billion dollars. If you have no idea what Oculus is, or does, their flagship product, the “Oculus Rift,” is depicted below: If you thought Google
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1. Google To Protect Paid Search Keyword Data, Making it ‘NotProvided’ – Search Engine Journal This article discusses a report that Google will stop passing keyword data to analytics software, even for AdWords advertisers. The three main points of the article state that Google will likely stop providing referrer data for paid clicks on AdWords
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Hopefully you’ve read some of our other great blogs on sharable content and you’re sending out all those valuable signals that lead people back to your website. These leads are great and all, but what good are great signals and roadmaps if they lead you to something… disappointing? Imagine your favorite childhood adventure movie: A
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