Search Influence and UPCEA to Present Higher Education Marketing Webinar: “Stop Wasting Budget: How to Get Better Digital Ad Results and Increase Satisfaction”

April 24th, 2024 by Ren Horst

Higher education marketing agency webinar

As a higher education digital advertiser, you know managing campaigns is no easy feat. Marketers need to contend with increased competition, limited resources, and a complex marketing landscape.

Fortunately, with the right expertise and digital platform knowledge, your school’s marketing department can achieve your enrollment goals — if not surpass them — without overworking your budget.

Join Search Influence and UPCEA on April 30 for the live webinar, “Stop Wasting Budget: How to Get Better Digital Ad Results and Increase Satisfaction,” to see how to maximize enrollment and minimize lost ad dollars at your university.

Featured Session at a Glance

Each year, online and continuing education schools funnel an average of $800,000 into their digital marketing. Yet, only 47% are satisfied with campaign performance, and just 38% are satisfied with their cost per inquiry (CPI).

This April 30 at 12PM EDT / 11AM CDT, Search Influence and UPCEA team up to tackle this discrepancy head-on and offer opportunities for campaign improvement. Tune into our live webinar to gain:

  • Key takeaways from our latest research study revealing most schools have room for marketing improvement
  • An exploration of the top strategies to improve your digital advertising results and reduce CPI
  • Strategies for maximizing your marketing budget while maintaining (or even enhancing) your lead quality

By attending, you’ll come away with actionable tips and tricks to identify wasted budget and upgrade your prospect’s experience.

Hear From Higher Education Marketing Trailblazers

Search Influence has been a proud Platinum Partner of UPCEA since 2022. In “Stop Wasting Budget: How to Get Better Digital Ad Results and Increase Satisfaction,” you’ll hear from both UPCEA and Search Influence’s higher ed marketing veterans:

  • Jim Fong, Chief Research Officer, UPCEA
  • Paula French, Director of Sales and Marketing, Search Influence
  • Jeanne Lobman, Digital Advertising Manager, Search Influence

Attend Live & Qualify for a $50 Giveaway

As a thank you for attending, Search Influence and UPCEA will draw four live attendees to win a $50 credit to a global reward catalog featuring 1,000+ of the most popular gift cards, prepaid cards, and charitable donations.

All live attendees will be automatically entered in the giveaway.

Join us live for a chance to win a take-home prize beyond the insightful marketing strategies you’ll gain from the webinar.

Improve Your Higher Education Digital Ads With Search Influence

Is your higher ed marketing budget feeling the heat from underperforming campaigns?

As a higher education digital marketing agency, Search Influence has helped plenty of schools like yours turn strategy questions into data-driven decisions. With nearly two decades of experience marketing for schools across state lines, we know higher education digital advertising, and we know what converts without sacrificing budget.

Register now for “Stop Wasting Budget: How to Get Better Digital Ad Results and Increase Satisfaction” to dive into strategies that revamp your campaign success.

LIVE WEBINAR: Stop Wasting Budget