Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search engines are the modern day phone book, and new customers won’t be able to find you online without a well-executed SEO strategy. As an industry-recognized SEO company in New Orleans, we help our clients get found by using our multi-faceted strategy, including:

  • Improving search rankings – ensuring your website is optimized for targeted, likely-to-convert key topics that your potential customers are searching for.
  • Increasing leads – the goal of marketing is to drive leads – and that’s what we’ll do. By crafting content that speaks to your customer’s needs, using relevant topics, and increasing your visibility in the search results, we’ll send you qualified visitors who are likely to convert.
  • Strengthening local presence – as a local business, you know that it is important for your customers to be able to find you. We’ll optimize your site to reinforce your physical location, making sure you are easy to find and stay competitive in the local search results.

From optimizing the mobile capability of your site to creating captivating content, our team of industry experts has strategized, tested, and developed methods that are proven to increase your online clout and ultimately generate new business.

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Onsite Optimizations for SEO

Onsite Optimizations

We use data and user experience to optimize your site in a way that helps boost search engine relevancy and engagement. We’ll cover everything from improving site architecture and careful key topic placement to mobile and voice accessibility.

Content Creation for SEO

Content Creation

Content is king online. We’ll craft content that speaks to your brand, attracts the customers you want, delivers value, and increases conversions. From onsite web copy, blogs, or social media posts, we’ll make sure your content is relevant and valuable to your industry and potential customers.

Local Listing Consistency for SEO

Local Listing Consistency

We’ll optimize your on-site signals and establish a strong local presence online by making sure your business information is consistent and correct across the web.

Offsite Authority and Linkbuilding for SEO

Offsite Authority Building

If your website isn’t trustworthy, you can lose business. We’ll increase your website’s authority through custom offsite link building efforts, building trust by working to connect your site with other authoritative sources.