Understand Your ROI with Smart Analytics & Online Lead Tracking

Our main goals are to improve client rankings on search engines, drive more traffic to their websites, and ultimately help them grow their business by delivering qualified leads. With analytics and online lead tracking tools specifically developed by our team to track and capture information about leads, we can precisely measure how much new business we are bringing through your website.

Our online lead tracking assists in quantifing and analyzing the amount of new customers, patients, or clients we are providing to our clients through our Internet marketing efforts.

Through call tracking and our proprietary lead tracking tool, Leadsndr, Search Influence can track the number of leads a client receives and also provide valuable information that will help us (and you) better understand your business and potential customers. Not only do we deliver and track leads for our clients, we are able to accurately attribute the source of the lead.

Our form system makes it easy to measure your Return on Investment by tracking important metrics for you such as:

  • How a visitor came to your site, whether it was directly or from paid search, organic search, a referring site, or an email marketing campaign
  • Which search engine they used to search
  • What keyword they searched that led them to your site
  • On which page the visitor filled out the form
  • The IP address of the visitor which provides information about their physical proximity to your business

In addition to our form system, we use tracked phone numbers to prove our value. By replacing your phone number with one of our call tracking numbers, we are able to attribute phone calls definitively to your paid search or email newsletter campaign.

At Search Influence, we thrive on results and accountability. Our online lead tracking helps us organize, track, and attribute your leads to our Internet marketing efforts. Using these leads, we are able to calculate your ROI to ensure that you are getting the most out of your online investment.

About us

Search Influence, a New Orleans based web promotion company, plays a vital role in helping its customers (and sometimes their customers) strategically compete online.