Professional SEO: Are You Bringing the Right Traffic to Your Customers?

October 5th, 2010 by Search Influence Alumni

As I was watching college football on Saturday, a commercial for a new show on ABC grabbed my attention. Detroit 1-8-7 is new series on ABC about the homicide detectives in Detroit, one of the most violent cities in the U.S. On the surface this sounds like your typical dramatic detective show that we have seen done a hundred times before. There is just one problem with the show; it’s Title!

1-8-7 is a common police code for homicide reports; unfortunately the writers at ABC failed to realize the police code for homicide in Detroit is 3-2-8.


Getting the right information from the beginning is also important as an SEO professional. There are many SEO companies who fail to take the time to research and understand the clients they represent.

Just last week, I was on a call with a business owner whose previous SEO company did not understand his business. His previous SEO company was optimizing for terms like “cheap”and inexpensive.  He was ranking for these terms, but was not seeing an improvement in sales. Why? His service was based on quality not price.

The ultimate goal of an SEO company should not be to increase unwanted traffic to the customer’s site; the ultimate goal of a professional SEO organization should be conversions. As an SEO organization are you bringing the kind of traffic that will convert to sales? These are questions that should be asked by any SEO professional.

Understanding the business represented is imperative as an SEO professional. Obtaining the correct information about a city before airing a TV show is also imperative. Somebody should inform ABC!

Probably this guy...