Five For Friday: Do You Like Your Friends, Busting SEO Myths, and More

January 23rd, 2015 by admin

1. You’re Doing It Wrong: This App Tells You If You Actually Have Friends – Tech Crunch

Ever wonder if you actually like your friends? There’s now an app for that. The app, called “pplkpr,” monitors your heart rate through a wristband and sends you text message updates about your relationships. It even helps you schedule time to hang out with people it deems “better friends.” So next time you want to bail on plans to sit around and watch Netflix, just say “My app thinks I shouldn’t hang out with you.”

2. Is Google Making You Dumber? – Mashable

By keeping your browser homepage set to the default page, usually Google, you’re missing out on the opportunity to see something new every day. Changing your homepage to a more engaging site could allow you to learn a new word every day or to expand your horizons through photos. There are no limits on what page you set it to, and this article offers some great options if you’re looking for a daily knowledge boost.

3. …But When Will I Get My Robot Butler? – Tech Crunch

When Siri plays Hall & Oates instead of finding the nearest Walgreens, it makes me wonder if it’s even possible to build functioning, humanoid robots. Though constantly portrayed in popular culture, robots that mimic humans might never be a reality. Issues with artificial intelligence and voice recognition hold us back from being able to send a robot to take the trash out. Till large advances are made, it looks like I’m still going to have to do my chores myself.

4. A Special Set of Skills: How to Not Let Your Phone Get “Taken” – CNet

Though you might not need Liam Neeson to get your device free, hackers are taking phones hostage at alarming rates. By hiding ransomware links or apps, hackers can threaten to encrypt your device or lock your phone entirely unless you pay up. If you keep to reputable app sites and stay away from sketchy links, you can avoid having your phone “taken” right in your very hands.

5. Myths Busted! 5 SEO Myths That Need to Be Debunked – Search Engine Watch

SEO is always changing and updating (with the help of “P” named animals). With such a fast-paced industry, misconceptions easily find their way into common thinking. These myths can encourage unrealistic goals and set impossible standards. By demystifiying these myths, we set ourselves up for greater success and more satisfied customers. After all, the best place to hide a dead body is on the second page of Google results…

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