Five For Friday: A Very Twitter Christmas, Facebook Gets Scroogy With Likes, & More!

November 7th, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni


1. Are Twitter Users the Most Efficient Holiday Shoppers? – MarketingLand

Given their 160-character count limit, Twitter users are clearly efficient communicators. And now, we are learning that they are super efficient holiday shoppers as well. The popular social platform released a study highlighting its ability to influence shoppers in their decisions on retail establishments and which specific items to purchase. 54% of users are more likely to purchase an item if they saw it advertised on Twitter. The study also shows that Twitter users not only shop earlier, but they also shop more frequently for holiday purchases. I guess now we know where retail shops should be marketing during the holidays.

2. Secrets to Properly Linking on LinkedIn – Business2Community

We all have a LinkedIn page. We’ve entered in our resume details, uploaded a picture, maybe got endorsed by a friend or two, and received a glowing recommendation from our moms, but now what? How exactly can you benefit from this?

Here are 12 secrets from LinkedIn pros! Adopting some of these habits will help you increase your presence and improve your network. Some tips include:

  • Message people in groups for free!
  • Share useful and relevant news (mainly for attention).
  • Use tools, like FiveHundredPlus, to stay organized.
  • Follow first; Like, Share, and Comment second.

LinkedIn can be confusing, and it may seem unnecessary, but with the growing number of companies and business people joining and actively using the platform, it has become more beneficial to understand how it works. Creating a substantial network will help in the long run. So, go forth and connect!

3. How-To: The Most Perfect List Post – Business2Community

Everyone loves lists! However, with their increasing popularity and Internet users’ ever-prevalent short attention spans, how do you keep readers reading?

Business2Community offers a near-perfect list of tips for creating the best and most effective list post. There are several things to consider when writing out a list, and remember, every detail matters. Some of the tips provided are:

  • Always, always, always have an introduction and a conclusion (excluding the distinguished SI Five for Friday posts).
  • Pick the right number (10 instead of 5, 7 instead of 8). Trust us, it’s science.
  • In the title, use “10” instead of “ten.” Seriously, it matters.
  • Write longer posts.

These tips are guaranteed to help make your list go viral, or at least make sure your readers actually read through to the end.


4. The End of Facebook Like-Gate as We Know It – MarketingLand

Say goodbye to the days of entering a contest on Facebook with the simple click of a Like button. Facebook engineers have dismantled the ability for companies to use Likes as the entrance fee for contests and prize drawings.

The effects of this are two-fold. For one, companies will now have to engage users on a deeper level in order for them to connect with the business. This change effectively ends the use of “artificial incentives.” Two, they also expect to see more conclusive results when determining demographics, as opposed to the scattered results received when companies were giving away iPads haphazardly to gain social media presence.

However, it is also being argued that ending Like-gating is solely meant to gain revenue for Facebook. The belief is that companies will pay for Likes if they have to. And now, they have to.

5.  What’s the About Page Supposed to Be About? – CopyBlogger

The About page seems pretty self-explanatory, but it has actually evolved over the years and is no longer a place for you to just describe your business/products. For a more effective page, use it to start a conversation with your reader and emphasize to potential clients that you have what they are looking for. Because this is often the most visited page on your site, it is wise to grab the reader’s attention from the get-go. Let your personality shine! This will assure your visitors that they are in the right place, and they are more likely to continue browsing your site.

There are 5 steps to creating a superior About page:

  1. Engage with readers by introducing your personality and humor on the site. Don’t be afraid to be different.
  2. Get into the readers’ heads. Make them think you’re reading their mind by showing them you have exactly what they are looking for.
  3. Brag, but humbly. Include some testimonials so others are singing your praises.
  4. Near the end, insert a bit of your biography. Make sure you express why you do what you do, and why you love it.
  5. Call to action! Invite your readers to sign up for your email list, call, or contact you. Most of the time, they will!

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