A Day in the Life of an Account Manager at Search Influence

October 18th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

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With all of the great positions available at Search Influence, it’s easy to wonder what each department or each position does every day. Earlier this week, I took to Search Influence’s Twitter to break down what my day-to-day as an Account Manager looks like. Though each day is different, they all share a common theme: client communication, meetings, and managing my team.

Responding to Client Questions

Mornings always consist of answering emails. Each person on the Account Management team has clients from across all industries and locations, all of which communicate with us primarily through email and phone. I like to take the mornings to open up all emails, check for emergencies, and answer any questions our clients may have. It’s great to know that our clients are getting reliable customer service, as we strive to answer all requests within a 24-hour span.

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One of my favorite aspects of being an Account Manager is getting to work with clients from all industries. On a daily basis, I talk to everyone from a plastic surgeon to a mortuary cooler provider! Our client rapport is incredibly diverse.

Our Morning Whiteboard Meetings

Every morning at 9:30, the entire Account Management Team meets by our whiteboard to go over metrics and tasks for the day. We also use this time for giving other members of the team “kudos” for being CHARGED.

Paid Search Meeting

On Tuesdays, members from all departments meet to talk about our paid search, or PPC, clients. This meeting is a great way to discuss successes as well as potential roadblocks in our campaigns.

Paid Search Meeting Search Influence

Managing Your Team: Weekly 1-on-1 Meetings

The biggest difference when you are promoted from an only client-facing position to a management position is managing your team. One of the best things about being in a management position at Search Influence is being able to work closely with my team and watch their careers grow.

In order to stay up-to-date with my team, their clients and any questions they have, we have weekly 1-on-1 meetings. This hour-long meeting is a dedicated time for my team to ask any client or career-related questions, as well as a time for me to follow up with any projects that are pending or in progress. This time isn’t specific to the Account Management position either—all departments at Search Influence have these dedicated 1-on-1 times!

Other management duties consist of leading employee reviews at the 6-month and annual mark and reviewing my team’s tasks/projects.

Wrapping Up Big Projects

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After lunch, I typically dedicate my time to working on big projects. These can be client-related, internal, or team-related. I’m most productive in the afternoon, so this is the time that works best for me, but it’s different for all members of the Account Management team.

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The project that I am most recently working on consists of revamping the presentation deck that we use when we kick off a new client. It was a great opportunity, and I’m so excited to see this project through!

My Account Management Career

Search Influence has been a great career experience so far within my almost three years here. Because I was hired fresh out of college (Geaux LSU!), I’ve worked my way up from Junior Account Associate to the management position I hold now. I’m thankful for the opportunity I’ve been given and would encourage anyone looking for a client-facing role to apply!