8 Must Visit Eateries For BIA Kelsey SMB Digital Attendees

September 15th, 2014 by Will Scott


Cracklin. Yes. Cracklin. Tasty.

My colleague Neal Polachek, a noted analyst and advisor, wrote me an email asking my opinion on New Orleans restaurants. He is coming to town for the BIA Kelsey LEADING IN LOCAL: SMB Digital Marketing event. He mentioned Cochon, which is excellent, but I had a few other recommendations.

If you’re coming to New Orleans for the BIA Kelsey show, then please look up Search Influence. We’re only a few blocks from the Hyatt and we would love to see you.

The following is a transcript of my email to Neal:

As you know, there are TONS of great places in New Orleans. I do love Cochon. Your only challenge may be the noise level.

Donald Link’s group has another new restaurant called Peche which is also great.

Others you should consider off the beaten path:

Lillette – One of our current favorites, on Magazine St. just passed the Garden District towards Uptown.

Gautreau’s – Hidden in an Uptown residential neighborhood – worth the trip!

Pascal’s Manale – Also in Uptown, it’s classic, quintessential New Orleans.

Oddly enough, one of our current favorite restaurants is actually inside the Hyatt pavilion, called Borgne.

Another current favorite that is seldom as busy as it should be is SoBou, which is attached to the W in the French Quarter. You can make a meal of the appetizers alone.

If you want a super-fancy wine and dine, a hot prospect or a hot date kind of thing, there’s R’evolution in the french quarter just past Bourbon Street. This restaurant is excellent. We just ate there for the first time a couple of weeks ago.