5 For Friday: Winning at Local Search, Snippets in Search, & Investing in Content

September 26th, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

1. Google Structured Snippets Officially in Search Results
– Search Engine Land

Schema markup and other forms of structured data are being used by webmasters to display Google structured snippets, but this isn’t the only way more data is pulled into the search results. Google has been testing out new forms of this “structured data.” Data for a particular search result is now being pulled from “Knowledge Graph and other data sources.” Google is pulling more and more information from sites to show in search results in order to “provide the most relevant information to the user.”

2. Be Careful of Switching to HTTPS to Improve Google Rankings: The Buffer Story [UPDATE]
– Search Engine Land

In early August, Google announced they would be putting more trust in secure sites as a ranking factor. One particular case in which a site adopted this practice early actually saw a major drop in traffic immediately following. This was an issue on Google’s part during the roll out of this new algorithmic adjustment. It has since been corrected, but the moral of the story is: Be cautious before making such a big website change.


3. How to Win at Local SEO with Reviews, Citations, and Local Events
– Search Engine Journal

Recent Google algorithm updates have local businesses panicking trying to react to these new updates. While it is not time to panic, it is time to make sure you have all your local SEO basis covered. Make sure you are still completing all of the long lasting local search practices – consistent local listings, social media presence, and on-page optimizations. Make sure to take things to the next level by optimizing your local listing and reaching out to customers for reviews. This article takes local search even further by explaining how to leverage your local events online!


4. How to Use Keyword Research to Find New Landing Page Testing Ideas
– Search Engine Watch

Deciding on which elements of a landing page to test can be difficult and the options are endless. This article describes a shortcut for coming up with winning test ideas, which is competitive keyword research. Many available tools online allow you to view the landing page for given keywords your competitors are using. By viewing different competitors and their landing pages, you can get many different A/B testing ideas to improve your paid search campaign.

5. Don’t Forget to Invest in Content (Not Just “Content Marketing”)
– Search Engine Watch

Businesses are jumping on board with the idea of content marketing, but many are solely investing in content creation. They know they need to be using content in their marketing strategy but they are getting their intern to work on it. Business owners need to be focused on the actual content creation process and what is being published because anyone can write but it may not be representing your brand in the best way. This article focuses on 4 main reasons business owners need to invest in content, not just “content marketing.”

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