Workplace Wellness Helps Your Waistline and Your Bottom Line

October 8th, 2015 by Search Influence Alumni

When pondering the thought of working in an office, several defining factors come to mind quite promptly. One of these components is the sedentary aspect of the job’s general environment. Often, active and health-conscious individuals will refrain from taking office jobs for this reason, because sitting all day long is not exactly healthy.


A Modern Focus on Wellness

Changing mindsets have altered the way office spaces are set up today, and many companies have rearranged their once-traditional setups with wellness in mind. As it turns out, this new perspective results in benefits far greater than just the health of employees. In fact, having a health-driven workplace is conducive to overall productivity and satisfaction in the workplace.

Search Influence has incorporated several health-driven components to the company’s office in order to benefit its employees. Yoga balls replace desk chairs, and standing desks are available alternatives to sitting. Search Influence also provides frequent healthy snacks to its employees, such as fresh fruit and unsalted, raw nut blends, along with filtered water and fresh coffee daily.


Saving Money by Saving Your Health

The US Department of Labor notes that company health programs can not only help promote healthier behavior, but also help increase employees’ overall health knowledge and skills. In addition, creating a corporate wellness program, environment, or even a fitness challenge for employees can pay off collectively, from improved health to the overall company culture. For example, co-workers who come together to eat healthy meals and focus on fitness goals work better as a team at work, too. Healthy employees typically also have fewer missed days of work due to illness, as having a healthy lifestyle and healthy habits translates to stronger immune systems. In fact, many employers have found that implementing a wellness program significantly decreased the costs of both health insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. Studies have reported company-wide insurance cost reductions of up to 30 percent.

Companies can maximize on this change from the traditional office space by presenting their employees with the chance to enhance their health and fitness and by following up with a reward for their employees’ efforts. This type of program has proven to boost collective morale, making companies more inviting to potential employees when looking to expand.