Success Story: St. Charles Vision

The Situation

St. Charles Vision offers eye care services at six locations across the New Orleans metro area. In business since 1976, the practice provides patients with annual eye exams, contact lens fittings, therapeutic treatments, and 24-hour emergency medical care. The practice came to Search Influence with the goal of increasing their brand awareness online and, in turn, generating new patients via phone inquiries. To achieve this goal, we established a Google Display and Google Paid Search strategy to increase phone calls at each location.

The Approach

While St. Charles Vision had a long-established reputation for quality eye care in the New Orleans metro area, we needed to translate this reputation into increased brand awareness online. In February of 2017, a dynamic Google Display campaign was launched to focus on expressing their brand identity in the most influential market areas. This campaign also helped strengthen the Google Paid Search campaign, which was running in conjunction with display. Specifically, we focused on increasing branded searches for St. Charles Vision in order to increase the number of leads acquired through online inquiries.

The Search Influence Solution

Ultimately, this multi pronged online advertising approach significantly increased the number of leads year over year by 69.47% while decreasing the average cost per lead, making it a marked success overall.

In addition to increased leads, branded searches for St. Charles Vision increased 22.6% and their paid search click-through rate (CTR) increased 33.86%, helping to drive down cost per clicks (CPC) by 43.91%. Moreover, their conversion rate saw the largest lift as a result of the display campaign, resulting in a 130.50% increase from the previous year.

in branded searches for St. Charles Vision

in conversion rate compared to the previous year