The CHARGED Culture: Kudos, Core Values, and Our Collaborative Workplace

December 7th, 2015 by Search Influence Alumni

My six months at Search Influence have been exciting to say the least. On my first day, I really had no idea of what to expect. I was so nervous about being the new person and fitting in, and on top of that, I knew very little about SEO. What if I had no idea of what anyone was talking about? Well, I soon found out that my new coworkers are some of the most genuine, hardworking people I’ve ever met. This was a big transition for me, but my team has made it incredibly easy. From my first day, I knew I picked the right company to be a part of. Here’s why:

Company Values Kudos Card

Company Values

Once a quarter, we have a company meeting, which I love, because although we work pretty closely with each other, it’s not very often that the entire company is in one room. This is a time when we all get together and enjoy some really great presentations on industry updates, talk about company news, recognize some extra special kudos, and so much more. The last meeting was a couple of weeks ago, and in honor of our tenth anniversary, newly defined company values were introduced to the team: Collaborative, Hungry, Agile, Reliable, Genuine, Effective, and Dedicated. Together, the seven core values make up the word “CHARGED,” and I couldn’t have said it any better. I personally experience these values in my co-workers every day, from the friendly greetings and smiling faces in the morning to the constant dedication I see to both our clients and each other as a team.

Charged Company Values Mousepad


Stories from My Charged Co-workers

To get to the core values that were chosen, a group of people from different departments in the company got together and shared their own personal experiences at SI. Some of these stories were also shared with everyone at the last company meeting. They were all happy, and some were even emotional. Since these stories came from the more seasoned influencers, I thought it would be interesting to see what some of the newer additions like myself had to say.

“I think what makes SI different from other companies is that we’re all young, hungry, and ready to learn. We’re working in such a niche and growing industry, and there’s always something new for us to learn or start practicing. We’re also very client-oriented, constantly looking for something new to give our clients and really dedicating our time to them.

Jordan Smith, Account Manager

“You come into work knowing that everyone has your back. The entire team is so collaborative, and I know I can count on my co-workers!”

Mallory Richardson, Account Manager


Not only does everyone have your back, but we like to recognize when someone does anything to make our day better. At the meeting, new Kudos cards (we used index cards before) were introduced: one for each value, and one for “just being you.” We definitely didn’t hesitate to use them! Whether it’s as small as sending your first client email or as big as completing a three-month project, your efforts never go unnoticed! I was especially impressed with this because I’ve never had coworkers who are so collaborative and supportive of each other. There might be almost 100 of us, but it definitely doesn’t feel like it!