Alleviating Stress in the Workplace

February 25th, 2010 by Search Influence Alumni

This blog post comes at an opportune time to write about stress in the workplace.

Some, who work in an office building or somewhere similar, may think that working from home makes work less stressful.  I am here to tell you that is a myth and far from the truth.  Just because some of us, at Search Influence, work from the comfort of our own homes, does not mean that stress does not catch up with us from time to time.  I would like to discuss some stress relieving strategies, both that I do myself, and some that I have not yet tried.

Erase Stress!

– Change of venue: For some who work in an office, this may not be possible.  For those of us who work from home, this could be a way to change the flow of your day.  Sometimes it helps to have a change of scenery to get back on track.  Move from your office or desk to the kitchen table, or even outside, if it is a pretty day and if you have wireless internet.

– Smoke: I am not a smoker, and I really don’t promote this.  But, let’s be real- If you are a smoker, you probably turn to a puff or two to relieve some stress from work.

– Take a walk and get some fresh air.

– Enjoy a relaxing beverage: For some it may be coffee.  For me, it is a nice glass of chai tea, green tea or even some regular coca cola.

– Have a snack: Since I am a mother of twin toddler girls, my snacks usually consist of goldfish crackers and some Dora the Explorer strawberry yogurt.  Taking a quick break to enjoy some of your favorite snacks can help to relieve some stress.

– Listen to some soothing music: Whether you like classical, country, pop, or R&B, listening to some mellow music can calm your nerves.  Heck – you can even relieve some more stress by singing along!

– Just breathe.

– Get some natural light: If it is a pretty day outside and I am not feeling so relaxed or I feel like I need some motivation, I like to open the window drapes or open the front door (leaving the screen door shut, of course.)  It always seems to make me feel a little bit better and more motivated.

– Vent to a coworker: Your coworkers, at some point, have been extremely overwhelmed and stressed out also.  Chat with someone you feel comfortable talking to and who you feel you can trust.  They might be feeling the same way now or they might have at one point, so they can help to set you straight and maybe even give you some great advice.

– Make or clean-up your to-do list: I am a list-person.  I make lists for everything! This can help to clarify exactly what needs to be done and in what order.  If you slowly but surely start to knock things off your list, you will feel better about yourself, alleviating some stress.

I am curious to know if any of you (who work from home, or not) use any of these tactics to alleviate work stress.  What do you do that is not mentioned here?  Leave a comment and let me know!

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