Meet Alison Zeringue, Director of Account Management, Search Influence

February 22nd, 2017 by Ann Wanserski

This blog is part of a series Search Influence is doing in anticipation of International Women’s Day on March 8th. We love to tout that 70% of our staff members are women and 66% of our senior management team are women, too. Far above the 20% average seen in the technology industry.

Since her start in 2011, Alison Zeringue has played a key role within the Account Management department at Search Influence. Before her start at Search Influence, she earned her B.A. in Communication from LSU and worked at a nonprofit called Prevent Child Abuse Louisiana, a cause for which she remains a passionate advocate.

Now, as the Director of Account Management, she continues to provide vital support to her team and the growth of the company. Her days at the office start early with some peaceful preparation before she leads the department morning meetings.

Picture Of Alison Zeringue Search Influence Director Of Account Management - Search Influence“I’m typically at my most productive and creative in the mornings, so I use that uninterrupted time to work on large projects that require big picture thinking, strategic planning, etc.” she said.

Once her workday ends, she is usually dancing, baking, or crafting. She also loves spending time with friends and family, and she credits her dedication and drive to her biggest supporter—her mom.

“The person I admire most is my mom. She is an incredibly strong person who’s been through a lot in her life, but she remains the anchor, holding our family together! She had a successful career as a nurse, is the mother of five children, has demonstrated what a successful marriage looks like, and meanwhile, has been the caretaker for family members in need of care,” she said.

A new mom herself, Alison can see firsthand just how hard her mom worked. Along with her family, she is happy to have great inspiration at Search Influence, watching her co-workers master motherhood and careers.

“I anticipate it being challenging, but judging from the great examples set by my kickass coworkers who are also moms, I believe Search Influence will be supportive of my personal and professional goals—just as they are now!” said Alison.

To balance the work/life routine, while also juggling first-time pregnancy, Alison always tries to make time for some zen when she leaves the office. While she knows that the “perfect balance” isn’t always attainable, she relies on the support of family and co-workers to make it through the give and take.

“I balance work and life by fully unplugging when I can, rather than trying to stay connected 24/7,” she said. “In order to do that, you need a personal productivity method and to understand your own habits and traits, like when you are most productive, so that you can prioritize appropriately. It doesn’t always work out quite that seamlessly, of course, so I have a home office setup, which helps me to get some privacy and focus when I need to put in some extra hours from home.”

Of course, the occasional spa day always helps her unwind, too. Especially as the baby bump makes toe touches pretty much impossible, she’s eager to get one last pedicure in before the big arrival day. As she prepares for the next phase in her life, it’s the perfect time to reflect on her biggest life lessons thus far. So just what would she tell her 8-year-old-self today?

“Keep being yourself, girl! Don’t be afraid to try new things—mayo is really not all that bad and, believe it or not, someday you’ll love brussel sprouts,” Alison reflected with a laugh. “Take risks every once in awhile and get into some more trouble!”

Speaking of spa days, do you know a hardworking woman like Alison that deserves recognition? Search Influence is giving away a day at the spa to the hardest working New Orleans woman. If you know an amazing woman who either owns her own business or works 40+ hours making a difference at a New Orleans business, please click here and nominate her. A winner will be announced on March 8th, International Women’s Day.