Top 5 Search Marketing Bloggers You Should Be Stalking in 2011

December 16th, 2010 by Search Influence Alumni

Why hasn't Matthew Lesko written a get rich with SEO book yet?

Why hasn't Matthew Lesko written a get rich with SEO book yet?

I’m a search marketing guy, have been since my first job out of college (if we are not counting that liquor store on Ponce I worked out for 2 weeks in the summer of ’06. You can’t beat a 30% discount…). Most people can’t grasp what I do or even understand why the company I work for exist (my mother thinks I’m everything from a telemarketer to an Internet panhandler) but it is what I do and love. Recently I have become increasingly more serious about being able to do my job better and become a more rounded internet guy (I mostly just hang out on the fringe of the internet with the /b/tards and tweeps heckling e-celebs for my own amusement). Now I feel I have to pour myself into learning new search marketing strategies in order to keep with the constant changes and competition.

Finding good information is not always easy for search marketers.

There are no continued learning programs for SEO backlinking strategies or creating compelling keyword rich content. So I decided to put together a list of my favorite internet marketing bloggers and explain why you should be reading them if you are serious about SEO.

#1) Matt Cutts is Better Than You

If you are lazy like me you prefer to just listen to Matt Cutts talk.

If you don’t know who Matt Cutts is and you are in Search Marketing, ctrl+alt+delete your resume. Best known as being the smilin’ enforcer of Google Webmaster Guidelines, Cutts provides guidance to search marketers through his Youtube videos and blog posts.

Why You Should Care: Matt Cutts is Google’s Prometheus.  He presents SEO guidance in several different formats (videos, blog posts, guest speaking, etc). Having so many different formats make the information he provides easier to digest. If you are like me, hitting the play button is a lot easier to do than reading three paragraphs of insights.

What Should You Stalk: While you can always follow his blog, I find his information most useful from the Youtube Channel – Google Webmaster Central Channel

#2) The eWhisper

@bgtheory on Twitter

@bgtheory on Twitter

bgTheory’s Brad Geddes is a world-class PPC Geek and Adwords affacionato. Besides being the Official Adwords seminar leader, he is also the author of Advanced Google Adwords.

Why You Should Care: If you want to know what you should be doing with your Adwords account, Geddes is the man to follow. He is a well of information and ideas about how you be better use your Adwords campaign for generating and sustaining ROI.

What Should You Stalk: His Twitter account –!/bgtheory

#3) David and the Paid Goliath

@Szetela on Twitter

@Szetela on Twitter

David Szetela – the occasional snarky owner of Clix Marketing, David Szetela is one of my go-to sources for PPC news and updates.

Why You Should Care: His knowledge of cross-platform paid search is extensive and an quick follow on Twitter will have your timeline full of information on tweets on paid search strategies and general SEO information.

What Should You Stalk: Like with Brad, David is most active on Twitter –!/szetela

#4) Moz-el tov

SEOmoz  has some of the most informative blog post on SEO benefits, keyword mining, and PPC tips.

Why You Should Care: I’ve been faithfully reading SEOmoz’s blog for up-to-date information on SEO, PPC, and SMM from some of the best and brightest. If you are not following this blog, you are missing out.

What You Should Stalk: I highly suggest daily readings of the blog –

#5) Mike Maps It All Out

A student of life, political economy & local search, Mike Blumenthal is a Google Maps and local search guru. He frequently authors articles at Search Engine Land and his blog Understanding Google Maps and Local Search.

Why You Should Care: Local search, local search, and local search. Oh and maps.

What You Should Stalk: : Mike’s blog is a warehouse of data points and Google Maps techniques –