Google+ Crush Saga: Your Guide To Social Media Sweetness

August 7th, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

Google+ is SO complicated! That’s what a lot of our clients tell us. They get frustrated and, to be honest, so do we.
There are so many questions! It can be overwhelming.

What kind of Google+ page should you create?

Which Google+ page should you use for posts and updates? Which page should you connect to your YouTube channel? How many types of Google+ pages are there?

To simplify this Google/YouTube situation, we’ve created this sweet little infographic to show:

  • Which pages you should create
  • Which page(s) you should use for regular posts and updates
  • Which page you should connect to YouTube

As a reminder, there are three types of Google+ Pages:

  • Google+ Profile
  • Google+ Local/Social Page
  • Google+ Brand Page

Explore the sweet and colorful world of Google+ Crush.

Mix and match pages to form the correct combination, create the appropriate profile, and send the right social signals. First, choose how you’d like to play the game by selecting one of the paths.


If Google+ Crush Isn’t Your Type of Game, Just Read the Manual:

  • Are you looking to use your G+ profile for personal reasons (not associated with a business)? Start posting on your Profile Page and connect this page to your YouTube Channel.
  • Are you a business with just one location? Start posting on your Local/Social Page and connect this page to your YouTube Channel.
  • Are you a multiple location business? Create a Local/Social Page for each location. You should post to your Brand Page and connect your Brand Page to your YouTube Channel.

Sugar crush! Remember, Google likes it when you play in their sandbox, so go ahead and start posting on Google+ and use YouTube channel to create your unique videos.

And, above all, crush it!