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August 17th, 2015 by Search Influence Alumni

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Being a Google Grants Pro:

So you’ve heard of Google Ad Grants … in fact, you applied to be a part of the program ages ago. IN FACT, you have been a part of the Google Ad Grants program since like 2005 and you’ve been running campaigns in AdWords to promote your mission and grow your nonprofit organization like a pro (and all on Google’s dime—$10,000 worth of dimes, to be precise).

Well, that’s cool. Congrats on being a pro with your Google Ad Grants account. But what if we told you—you’re not really a pro until you get accepted into Google Grantspro?

That’s right. After Google Ad Grants comes Grantspro, and along with Grantspro comes $40,000 of Cold. Hard. AdWords spending limit. Get excited. Your nonprofit organization is about to expand its reach to where it has never reached before…gain visibility where it was never visible before…increase awareness where it was never aware before!

Wait. What?

Becoming Eligible for Google Grantspro

Ah, the good part. Pay attention.

To become eligible for Google Grantspro, you must:

  • Currently be a part of the Google Ad Grants program. (What’s that? Oh, boy.)
  • Have conversion tracking installed and have successfully tracked at least one conversion.
  • Hit the Google Ad Grants budget cap for at least two different months over the past six months.
  • Currently be a part of the Google Ad Grants program. (What’s Google Ad Grants? Seriously?)
  • Have maintained an average account level click-through rate of 1 percent or higher over the past 6 months.
  • Be on good terms with the Google Ad Grants program.
  • Submit an online application for Google Grantspro.
  • Currently be a part of the Google Ad Grants Program. (How do I become a part of that? Come ON!)
  • Complete biweekly maintenance of your AdWords account.
  • Complete an annual survey.
  • Agree to share your impact or conversion data.

Sounds simple enough, right? You just have to meet all of the above requirements and you’ll be good to go! Just kidding. Space is limited, and meeting the minimum eligibility requirements does not guarantee acceptance.

It’s OK. Don’t cry. This is why we’re here: to make sure your application stands out to the College Admissions Rep so you get into your first choice school. Erhm…

Seriously though, think of Search Influence as your admissions coach. We’ve been through this process before, and we’re familiar with every step of the Grantspro application process. This is part of our job. Get in touch and let us help your nonprofit rise above the rest!