Give Your Site Some Link-building Lovin’

August 26th, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

MclovinYourLinksWith this year’s Google algorithm updates, we’ve heard a lot of buzz about implementing disavows and getting rid of bad, non-relevant links to your site. However, what we’ve heard less about is what to do after you get rid of all of those links. Now that those disavowed or deleted links are no longer helping, (or hurting) your site, it’s important to build up a profile of links that are strong, relevant, and influential to help elevate your site back to its previous authority and status. Here are some tips to help give your site the link building lovin’ that it needs.

1. Create A Link Building Strategy

Just like with any marketing endeavor, it’s important to create a roadmap and set goals to get a clear sense of where you want your efforts to take you. Take a look at the current links pointing to your site. Then, decide which types of links are relevant and helpful to your site (the kind of links you’d like to pursue more of). Based on that, allocate a budget, time, and metrics to measure your upcoming link building efforts.

2. Use Real-Life PR Opportunities

A great way to get natural links back to your site is to do it the old-fashioned way with PR opportunities. Host an event, go to conferences, engage in your community, leverage relevant organizations — all of these activities not only build your brand, they also provide credible linking opportunities for your website.

Remember: Almost anything that happens offline can be captured online as well.

3. Leverage Great Shareable Content

The adage “content is key” is especially applicable when it comes to link building. People are consuming massive amounts of content on the Internet everyday. Content is a great way to capture viewers’ attention. Additionally, when viewers share a piece of content or use it on their own site, your website is attributed as the source.

Getting rid of old, irrelevant links to your site is just like cleaning out your closet. Every wardrobe needs updating, so send last season’s links to the thrift store and go find yourself the latest collection of new links to give your site a boost.


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