Facebook Ads vs. Boosted Posts: Here are 4 Reasons to Always Choose Facebook Ads

July 26th, 2017 by Search Influence Alumni

The world is filled with many ways to advertise a product or service. Simply hoping that your message makes its way to the perfect target audience is never the best practice to ensure your advertising efforts are successful and profitable for your business. With the increase of paid digital advertising on many online platforms, it is becoming more difficult than ever to reach potential customers the old fashioned organic way. As more content continues to flood these platforms, knowing how to utilize their advertising tools is more important than ever before. Facebook is continuing to reinvent the way the world does advertising. With the platform being a rich and unique source of users’ personal interests and behaviors, combined with the ability to present advertising information in compelling and creative ways, using Facebook to advertise your business is becoming a no brainer for both newbies and advertising professionals alike.

With that being said, busy business owners might ask themselves, “Why should I spend the time to create Facebook ads with Facebook Ads Manager when there are simple tools like Boosted Posts that do the same exact thing?” The ease and simplicity of boosting an already posted Facebook post cannot be denied. With the click of a button and for as low as $5, your post can reach more people, potentially resulting in more engagement, increased traffic, and even better sales. Sounds great, doesn’t it? The major problem that many business owners come across with boosting posts is simply wasting money due to a lack of strategy tied to a specific business goal. Using Facebook ads can come with a bit of a learning curve. It is not as quick and simple and can’t be done directly for your page. Facebook ads can, however, bring some distinct advantages to the table that you can’t get with boosted posts. These advantages can help you grow your business by not only helping you to narrow in on your ideal customer, but also by presenting your business in a way that truly personalizes the experience and connects with these individuals.

Here are 4 reasons to always choose Facebook ads over boosted posts for your advertising efforts:

1. Facebook ads provide in-depth targeting options that go beyond just interest-based targeting used by boosting a post.

Unlike Facebook ads, boosted posts are extremely limited in who you can actually target. There are only three targeting options: people who have already liked your page, friends of people who have liked your page, and people who you choose through a few basic targeting options. Though the first two options can provide some value to your business, just because someone likes your page doesn’t necessarily mean they are your ideal customer. Likewise, though there are a few targeting options with boosted posts, you cannot target behaviors or utilize detailed targeting, which means, for example, you can’t target someone who is a college grad AND an active credit card user. Instead, you can target users by their location, age and gender, and interests.

Example Of Detailed Targeting Image - Search Influence

Example of detailed targeting.

Though Facebook Ads Manager can be daunting at times, it is certainly one of the best tools on the market to get in front of the perfect audience for your business. If you have a good understanding of your customers, what they are interested in, and how they behave, Facebook has the big data analytic capabilities to back your knowledge. Understanding how to use these targeting capabilities to your advantage can provide long-lasting value to your business.

2. Facebook Ads Manager allows you to schedule ads during times that matter most to your business.

When using boosted posts, the advertiser has very little control, if any, over how and when a post is delivered. A boosted post can only run between one to seven days, limiting your ability to show ads during the time your ideal customer is on Facebook as well as during hours of the day that might be most important to you and your business, i.e. when your store is open or for the duration of a special event. Using Facebook ads allows you to pinpoint exactly when you want your ad to run. This can help to save your advertising dollars for when you need them most!

Example Of Ad Sampling - Search Influence

Example of ad scheduling.

3. Take advantage of unique call to action buttons that tell your users exactly what action to take!

Boosted posts are optimized for engagement, or likes and shares. If you are trying to entice a potential customer to click on your post’s call to action, this is not going to be the best way to do that. With Facebook ads, businesses have more of an opportunity to increase sales and traffic to their websites by using call to action buttons. These buttons help your audience understand the action you want them to take after seeing your ad. Including these in your ads urges users to move away from the ad and onto your site, giving them more of a chance to shop, sign up for an account or email list, or learn more about your product or service.

Example Ad Using The ‘Book Now’ Call To Action Button - Search Influence

Example ad using the ‘Book Now’ call to action button.

4. Unique creative and placement options.

Boosted posts come with only a few creative and placement options within Facebook. These ads can typically be spotted within your target audience’s News Feed. With Facebook ads, on the other hand, ads can be seen using Instagram and on the right-hand side of the Facebook platform. Facebook ads also come equipped with a number of creative possibilities, including multiple image ads, video ads, and slideshow ads. These can be used to entice and excite your target audience, making for a more enjoyable experience when discovering information about your business.

Ultimately, Facebook Ads Manager is the perfect tool for all advertisers to get in front of their ideal customer using in-depth targeting and advanced delivery options alongside unique creatives. Though boosting posts might always be a simple and easy tool for advertisers with less experience, using Facebook ads is certainly the way to go to grow your customer reach in a creative and personalized way.

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