Earn More Facebook Friends for Your Business with These 4 Tips

February 11th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

According to the National Day Calendar, what we all know as February 11 is actually observed as National Make A Friend Day, not to be confused with June 8, which is National Best Friends Day (though we celebrate that here, too!). As it is described on the National Day Calendar website, new friends can broaden our horizons by guiding us to see with fresh perspectives, challenging us to try something new, and connecting us to opportunities, all of which are common features of Facebook friends.

Friends Are for More Than Just People

For this reason, people aren’t the only ones adding more friends to their Facebook lists. In fact, businesses, brand names, and even franchises have joined the world of Facebook. The more friends your company can make on social media sites such as Facebook, the more your audience grows, as will your SEO, and from there, the success of your business.

Facebook itself understands this great significance of friendship, as it just recently celebrated its 12th anniversary with a new goal of having five billion of the world’s seven billion humans connected to the social network by 2030.

But first, you have to know how to make those friends, so we’ve gathered four main ways to grow a Facebook friends list for your franchise.

1. Post More Videos – It’s All About the Movement

In the same way that YouTube grew to be so popular, Facebook Live is allowing people to broadcast in real time to their audiences directly from their mobile devices. The movement of the video in the News Feed catches the attention of those who are watching, and they’re more likely to share such content with their own group of friends, which will result in more views on your page, and from there, more friends.

2. The Message – Communication Is Key

The recently enhanced communication tools on Facebook help businesses offer real-time customer support through messages in the form of an online chat type of private messaging system. With this advanced messaging ability, your franchise can respond to conversations in private, more quickly, and with greater sensitivity than ever before.

3. Pass It On – The Ripple Effect of Shareability

Organic reach via Facebook is increasingly becoming a thing of the past, but there is one way around it, and it is through shared content. When you craft your Facebook status in a way that will encourage or entice your friends to pass it on to their friends, this will increase your reach, which will therefore lead to an increase in your list of friends.

4. Advertise with a Purpose – Give Them What They Want

When creating paid Facebook ads for your franchise, try to think with regards to what your audience wants more than what you seek. If you create an attention-grabbing, thought-provoking advertisement in a unique way, such as the carousel format available on Facebook, then you will be more likely to succeed. Along with that, create content that requires or encourages an interactive response from those who will view it. The more that people respond to what you post, the more others will see it and visit your Facebook page as a result.

When it comes to the nature of growing a Facebook friends list for your franchise, think in the same way that you would if you were trying to make friends yourself. With that, you will personify your franchise in a way that makes it relatable to those who see your content, encouraging them to engage with you and therefore continuously add more friends to your list!