All The Best Ideas Are Stolen: Take Yours From Facebook’s Success Stories

May 14th, 2014 by Amanda Ball

I was recently introduced to the Facebook for business page and was shown some interesting and educational aspects of this informative page.

Besides giving you an opportunity to create a Facebook Ad or create a page, it gives you the awesome option to see success stories of businesses that have used Facebook to their advantage.


The Success Stories page gives you 5 options to choose from, depending on what you would like your search to include/show. You can search by:

  • Business size
  • Goal
  • Industry
  • Product
  • Region

The one that I think is the most helpful is the search by goal option. There are so many different goals that businesses want to achieve when promoting themselves on Facebook, and this option lists a variety of them to choose from.


Since I LOVE to shop, I was interested in how small businesses that sell retail succeed on Facebook. When I conducted my search for a retail success story, Blake & Brady Boutique came up.

This success story stated that the boutique, located in South Carolina, uses Facebook Ads to connect with shoppers. This in return has boosted their online and in-store sales. They have achieved a 15X return on ad spend and have gained 10,000 customers through Facebook.

What Do They Have That You Don’t?

After reading those amazing numbers, I had to wonder, how do they have such great success? Reading further into the story, I came across the thing that should start every success story, a GOAL!

Their goal was to boost their in-store earnings and reach a wider audience online and offline. The first step the owner took was to use Facebook’s Start to Success Program to learn about what tools were available through Facebook.

How’d They Do That?

My next question was what did they use? Promoted posts were used to reach women who live close to Anderson, SC area in the News Feed. They also used ads in the right column of Facebook that target people based on their location, gender and interests to gain clicks to the business’s website to help boost online purchases. The owner measures ad results often and then re-invests in the campaigns that gain the most customers. The products they use are news feed placements, boosted posts, and custom audiences.


All in all, it is safe to say this small business is having an amazing experience using Facebook to promote their business. What are some of the ways you promote your business on Facebook? Let us know what works for you in the comments section below.