Q&A on ShortStack

January 23rd, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

For anyone that doesn’t know, ShortStack is an app that allows you to run contests and promotions from your Facebook page. It can also help boost social engagement and get more likes on your page. I recently had a client ask about using ShortStack for a Facebook contest and this overview helped explain it quickly and easily.

First Question

1. If I put this on facebook, will only my fans see it?  If I’m trying to get more traffic, where do I put it then? How can I get more people to see my contest?

When you put an image or a form or text or anything in the ShortStack, you can choose the permissions who can see it underneath each addition. Visibility can be set to everyone, only fans of the page, non fans of the page, or admin only.

We had an image that said “Like our page to find out more,” and we set it so only non fans could see it. So if someone came to the tab that didn’t like the page, that’s what they saw.  We then had another image and a form for fans only. Once someone liked the page, they saw the new image with details and the form.

The little buttons underneath each thing tell you what is what. The thumbs up is fans only. The thumbs up with a strike through is non fans only. Little people are everyone.


You can also check yourself and see what it will look like for different people (Fans vs Non Fans). Under “Live Preview” in the left corner just click the thumbs up. You will see what fans of the page see, and if you click on the non fan view (thumb with strike through) you will see what they see.

Second Question

When I install the final product through ShortStack, where does it appear on our facebook page?  Does it have to be used on a personal page or business page?

If the login information being used is for a Facebook account that is connected to a business page, when you are ready to publish the ShortStack tab will show the pages you are a manager of and you can choose the pages you want. 

Good luck in your next contest or promotion! I hope some of these questions/answers help.

BIG THANKS to Maggie Emerson who helped me answer these questions for my client!

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They also have their own FAQ page along with video tutorials.