Optimize Your YouTube Videos With Video Transcripts

July 26th, 2013 by Search Influence Alumni


Using YouTube to promote your business is one of the best avenues to take when it comes to outranking your competition. YouTube is one of the largest search engines available today, which means that everyone is trying to get a piece of the action. The only problem is that most people do not know how to leverage the power of YouTube, because their video gets lost in what I like to call “The Black Hole Of Videos”. People still have not learned that YouTube is a search engine, and therefore, your videos have to be identify by the search engine as an authority. Video transcripts can play a major role in telling search engines, “Hey! Look at me! I am a good video and I have content to prove it!”

youtube 2

The problem with YouTube video optimization is the only thing that YouTube has to determine what the content of your video entails is the description, the title, and the tags. While these are great ways to get more viewership for your videos, if your niche is popular with a lot of competition it could be very hard to outrank. Video transcripts give YouTube something to actually read and determine what your video is about based on more than just titles, descriptions and tags. YouTube and Google read text to optimize content, so by adding a transcript you are adding extra content to crawl! Remember, content is king in search engine land. The transcripts are classified on your video as “CC” or “closed captioning”. It’s almost equivalent to putting your Youtube video on steroids. Most of your competition will not upload a video transcript and this gives you an advantage of your competition.

If you don’t have time to transcribe your video, go to Fiverr.com. People have offers to transcribe videos for $5 dollars so you don’t have to! Transcriptions will skyrocket your YouTube videos to the next level, simply because you are giving YouTube content to actually read and crawl instead of just titles and tags.