It’s SNEAUXmageddon!

January 29th, 2014 by Jeanne Lobman

Down here in New Orleans, let’s just say we are not used to the cold. With freezing temperatures threatening, the entire city is shutting down, (but here at Search Influence we are still hard at work!) Although many people are referring to the winter storm as Sneauxmageddon (the world is ending, didn’t you know?), others are taking advantage of the unusual circumstances.

Hemline Metairie is offering hot cocoa to shoppers, urging them to spend their days off shopping at their store.

hot cocoa

Over at Hattie Sparks, they are taking a different route. Closing for the day to stay warm, they are offering 40% off to online shoppers who have plenty of time to spare while at home.

Hattie Sparks SnowDay


The brave restaurants that have remained open are serving warm treats that we know all too well: hot gumbo, steamed mussels, and anything to keep us warm.

At Search Influence, we are bundling up with scarves, hats, and coats hidden deep in our closets. And to be sure we remain productive in the cold weather, we resort to some interesting methods. Check out Influencer Lauren Christy‘s hand-warming mouse pad!

Lauren's Hand Warmer Mouse Pad

Although the temperatures are dropping, creativity is on the rise. Websites like, have popped up to add some local flair to the typical weather report (chanting “Snow me something, mister!”)  Currently, the forecast states that the snow is “No, it ain’t.”

Close Y'all

Hashtags have also emerged to describe the wintry weather in New Orleans. The graphs below from show that they are definitely catching on!




See what others are up to by following hashtags #Sneauxday and #Sneauxmageddon. What’s been your favorite thing to come out of the winter storm?