Influencers Lend Helping Hands to Baton Rouge After the Flood

October 24th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

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The recently unanticipated, devastating Baton Rouge flood hit close to home for several Influencers, including Candice P., Rachel M., and Aubrey A. who returned home to BR to help their families and the community return to their normal lives slowly but surely. While Candice went home to help her extended family and close friends, Rachel returned to help a school relocate, and Aubrey offered moral support to relatives who lost their home. With a whopping 60,000 homes damaged or destroyed, 86,500 people filed for federal aid just days after the storm, and that number has since risen to more than 106,000.

Just an hour and a half away, the storm reminded New Orleanians of the tragic aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, and how our Baton Rouge neighbors came to the rescue, and quickly. So, it would only be right for NOLA to do the same this time around, and that we did – with open arms and helping hands aplenty. Search Influence offered employees one paid day of community service in response to the natural disaster, and with that, many of us set out to help our neighbors in BR.



Who: Kayla, Johanna, Sarah Jane, Ryan, Kiersten

They volunteered with Evacuteer, an organization that recruits and trains primarily evacuation volunteers, but also worked with a few local organizations to help in Baton Rouge after the flooding. They went to two houses and helped homeowners clear out their homes of flood damaged items and worked to take out the flooring and drywall.

Animal Rescue of New Orleans


Who: Brittney, Gussie

According to Brittney, “When Search Influence sent the company-wide email offering one paid day of community service in response to the Baton Rouge flooding, I knew I wanted to take this opportunity to help however I could. Fellow Influencer, Gussie, shared on Facebook about her experience volunteering at Animal Rescue New Orleans (ARNO), so I looked into it. Being a bit naive, I thought I’d go in and spend the day loving on sweet pups. I showed up in the morning and was put to work immediately. They are overflowing with rescued dogs from BR, building crates for the anticipated 50+ more coming in, and working tirelessly to keep all of the animals walked, fed, clean, and happy to the best of their ability. There’s a shortage of help, though – so I’ll be honest when I say the work wasn’t exactly glamorous, but when you see all the sweet pups’ darling faces, it is so worth it. If you are in/around NOLA, make the time to volunteer at ARNO! ”

Junior League of New Orleans


Who: Kim, Gabrielle, Rebekah, Alison, and Amanda

The Junior League of New Orleans was collecting items for women and children affected by the floods, specifically diapers, wipes, feminine hygiene products, formula, and gift cards. Each of the Influencers volunteered a three-hour shift and helped them sort diapers and conduct inventory to move to New Iberia, Youngsville, Lafayette, Denham Springs, St. Amant, Gonzales, Baton Rouge, Paulina, French Settlement, Bogalusa, and other areas along the I-12 corridor.

Second Harvest Food Bank


Who: Melissa and Kristin

The two Influencers volunteered at Second Harvest Food Bank – Feeding South Louisiana to help package goods for the flood victims.

While the immediate help was wholeheartedly appreciated, Baton Rouge is still working to rebuild after the flood, even two months down the road. As we get closer to the holidays, why not consider lending a helping hand however you can to someone in need? We shouldn’t wait for a natural disaster to occur to motivate our desire to help – make a difference in someone’s life with simple, random acts of kindness today, tomorrow, and beyond. It will change your life, as well as the way you see the world – a little humanity goes a long way.