Higher Ed SEO Metrics Must Be a Priority: Unpacking Paula French’s UPCEA Blog

September 19th, 2023 by Ren Horst

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Data is the key ingredient of any successful search engine optimization (SEO) strategy. But for many higher ed institutions, tracking and reporting of the proper metrics falls to the wayside, and the consequences are more than just deans and directors left in the dark. Failing to use data properly means your institution may be wasting funds and missing opportunities to engage with prospective students.

In our latest blog for our partner UPCEA, Search Influence Director of Sales and Marketing Paula French discusses the importance of leveraging the right higher ed SEO metrics to inform both your team and strategy informed.

Paula French’s Take on Vital SEO Metrics

As we found in our 2023 Higher Ed SEO Research Study conducted with UPCEA, institutional leadership often lacks SEO reporting. 62% of institutional leaders want reporting on SEO metrics, but just 31% receive regular updates.

SEO success and health metrics, two crucial pieces of trackable data, have a direct impact on how well you perform in search results. When you don’t track or report on them, you miss out on valuable insights you can strategically use to your institution’s benefit.

In her blog post, French demonstrates how this neglected priority can affect your success in generating inquiries and increasing enrollment. Read the full blog to learn:

  • The key SEO metrics for higher ed digital marketing
  • How SEO success metrics and SEO health metrics differ
  • Tools for tracking the right SEO metrics
  • Tips for leveraging SEO metrics to set goals and create more informed strategies

Search Influence’s Platinum Partnership With UPCEA

In 2022, Search Influence partnered with UPCEA, the leading association for professional, continuing, and online (PCO) education. Together, the pair shares their industry expertise on how higher education institutions can use SEO to drive more qualified prospects to their digital marketing channels.

Smarter SEO for Better Results With Search Influence

Investing in SEO yields long-term results, but neglecting to track vital metrics could stall your progress.

At Search Influence, we specialize in monitoring and reporting higher education digital marketing metrics, empowering you to convert insights into actionable strategies.

Do more with your institution’s SEO. Contact our team today to get started on your path toward better search tracking, reporting, and performance.