Heaps of SEO from Down Under

April 7th, 2014 by Search Influence Alumni

While I was in Australia earlier this year, I used google.com.au to search for a good happy hour spot after a long day at Bondi beach (they have free beach wi-fi!!). No matter how hard I searched, the best watering holes weren’t showing up in my search results. Little to my knowledge, it was because I was searching for “bars in sydney,” while all the other blokes and sheilas in Aussie call them by a different name, “hotels.” The following are the search results from various keyword searches in Australia. Check out how they vary just by changing one word!

“Bars in Sydney”


I found that the “bars” results were filled with restaurants that happened to serve classy drinks (not exactly what I was looking for). And I don’t mean to whine, but it’s mildly upsetting that results A, B, and G are located in North Sydney. SEO in Australia needs to step up its game.

“Hotels in Sydney”


Unfortunately, looking at “hotels” wasn’t helpful either. This keyword can get a little complicated because, while bars are called hotels, hotels are also called hotels. I think it would be really difficult for a bar to outrank an actual hotel, even on google.com.au.

“Pubs in Sydney”



The best results? Pubs. Each result was a bar with “hotel” in their business name and “pub” in the meta description. Pubs are a big part of Australian and English culture so it is fitting that this 7-Pack produced the best results.

If you want to run a local campaign, pay attention to changes in culture and language in your area. You may be able to target locals and tourists differently by focusing on some keywords more than others. As Ja’mie King would say, SEO in Australia is, like, so random.


Have you had any strange encounters with Google keywords in certain areas? Let us know in the comments!