Five for Friday: Google’s Phantom Update Revealed, Remembering Sally Ride & More!

May 29th, 2015 by Search Influence Alumni

1. Google’s “Phantom Update” Is a “Quality Update” – Search Engine Land

In early May, many people noticed significant ranking changes, which led to the rumor that Google had run a Panda update or a spam-related update. However, Google denied this, leaving many stumped by what could have mysteriously caused these rankings changes. Now, Google has finally confirmed that the “Phantom Update” actually included changes to how content quality is ranked, leading some to call it the “Quality Update.” However, exactly what changes were made and how quality is now assessed by Google is still being kept top secret.

2. New Cortana App Will Sync iPhones to Windows 10 “Very Soon” – Marketing Land

Microsoft announced its plans to make Windows 10 cross-device friendly with a new Cortana “Phone Companion” application that will connect your Windows PC to mobile devices, including iPhones. This app will take Apple’s “Continuity” feature to the next level by not only syncing across devices, but by syncing across devices regardless of your operating system. Stay tuned for the Android version of Cortana at the end of June; iPhone users will be on hold for the app until “later this year.”

3. Google Webmaster Tools Becomes Google Search Console – Google Webmaster Central Blog

Say goodbye to the name Google Webmaster Tools and start becoming familiar with the term Google Search Console in its place. After 10 years of offering the beloved Webmaster Tools, Google announced the rebranding change last week. The company stated that there were many types of Google fans using the tool, from small business owners to marketers to true webmasters, and the goal is to make sure that the “product includes everyone who cares about Search.” No drastic changes to the tool’s functions were announced with the new name. Contrary to speculation, Bing says that renaming its Webmaster Tools is “not on the radar.”

4. Twitter Helps Reinforce Your Mobile Local Branding In Search Results – Blumenthals

Google mobile search results can now display Twitter content for branded searches, which provides a great place for local businesses to increase their visibility and positive brand message while also pushing competitors further down on the search engine results page. This also gives local businesses another platform for sharing content, which can easily be synced to a Facebook page, and more ways to control front-page content for reputation management.

5. Google Doodle Celebrates Sally Ride’s 64th Birthday – Search Engine Roundtable

Tuesday, May 26 would have marked the late Sally Ride’s 64th birthday. Google remembered the birthday of the first American female astronaut in space with a series of Google Doodles inspired by her life’s many accomplishments. On June 18, 1983, Sally became the first American female in space—and the youngest still to date! After another successful mission, Sally founded Sally Ride Science, where she focused on educating young people, especially girls, about careers in science, technology, math and engineering. As a woman in the technology field, I would like to say “thank you” to Sally Ride for all she has done to pave the way for those who have come after her.

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