Fall 2010 Yahoo Will Show Bing Organic Results

July 20th, 2010 by Search Influence Alumni

Yahoo!Last week, Yahoo sent out emails explaining how the merger with MSN/Bing would effect paid search advertiser.  The most interesting piece of information the email provided was about the transition to Bing search algorithm in early Fall.

Organic Search Transition
To date, we’ve focused most of our communications to you on the paid search transition to adCenter. However, another key aspect of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance is the transition of Yahoo! organic search results (those found on the main body of the page). Assuming our testing continues to yield high quality results, we anticipate that our organic search results will be powered by Bing beginning in the August/September timeframe.

Frankly Yahoo’s effectiveness at generating leads has been on a slow decline for years.  I completely blame this fact on Yahoo’s refusal to evolve. They spent so many development hours creating Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Games, and Yahoo Groups, they forgot to focus on the quality of their search results. While I’m not thrilled by the merger, I am excited that SEOs will have one less search engine to optimize.