Facebook Engagement: How To Make Your Fans Say “I Do”

October 15th, 2014 by Jordan Polhemus

Get more exposure to your business’ Facebook page. Incorporating these elements will enable your business to provide better and more shareable content!

There are 30 billion pieces of content shared via Facebook every month. That’s billion with a “B”! How is your business going to get noticed in this content sharing frenzy? One way is to write great and engaging posts people want to read! If people enjoy your posts, they will be much more likely to “like” the post, comment, or best of all, share it with their network– which has potential to reach a much larger, untapped audience.


If you are new to social media or find yourself with writers block, see some of our suggestions to create better and more engaging posts. Below is as brief list of the many ways in which you can create great content, but remember to pick just a few ideas per post to prevent overwhelming your reader.

1. Don’t make every post “promotional.”

For example, only posting about your business and the products you offer may not be the most exciting update for a fan to read. Instead, post about specials, sales, or events that are happening in the near future.

2. Use images whenever possible.

It has been proven posts with compelling text coupled with an image will get more engagement than plain text or a link alone. Take it a step further, instead of using stock images use authentic and unique images from your business.

3. Create a “weekly something.”

If you are a restaurant, post a recipe of the week every Tuesday. Or, if you are a dermatologist schedule a recurring post about products you recommend. Create some consistency and give your fans something to look forward to.

4. Share or repost other business’s updates that you find interesting.

Sharing or reposting other business’ great articles, posts, and pictures is a great way to grow your audience and offer great content to your fans.

5. Respond to comments that are left on your posts.

Big or small, it is always great when a business comments back on posts. In addition, you should occasionally comment on other people’s posts as well, especially on posts created by fans of your page!

6. Take a little extra time and create a unique meme for your business to share on your social media platforms.

This great tool called the Meme Generator allows you to create whatever meme you like with a variety of stock images available.

7. Lastly, share something silly every once in a while!

Found a video of an adorable elephant sneezing, two babies talking to each other, or a great gif? Share it! This will not only get your posts more likes, but good chance it will get shared a great deal with your business’s name attached to it. People love companies that have a sense of humor. It shows real people are behind the computer screen.


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