A Family Affair: Teaching Mom a Thing or Two About SEO

May 8th, 2015 by Search Influence Alumni

Here at Search Influence, I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of clients—business owners from all kinds of different industries. But the best thing about coming to work every day? I have the privilege of working with a very special client: my mom.

Bridget Mothers Day Image - Search Influence

“So What Is It Exactly That You Do?”

As the owner of two audiology practices, my mom has always been fascinated with the online marketing work that we do here at Search Influence. She understood well the need to strengthen her website and her practices’ online visibility in order to attract new patients and keep her business thriving. I encouraged her when she was ready to design a new, up-to-date, and well optimized website (something she desperately needed).

Let’s Make This Official

Although I was able to provide guidance and support, my individual capabilities were limited. Fortunately, though, I have the privilege of working with an extremely talented group of people with a wide array of skill sets. The next step was clear: it was time to get the Search Influence team involved and make my job as her “marketing consultant” official.

Bridget Mothers Day 2015 Image Search Influence 2

Giving Back

I feel a great sense of satisfaction knowing that I am able to give back to such a hardworking, supportive, and inspiring individual. Through her SEO and online advertising campaigns, I have helped her attract more patients, strengthen brand awareness, and remain relevant in the highly competitive online marketplace.

Working with her has been overwhelmingly positive. She is inquisitive, trusting, and always willing to help when needed. The only strange part has been adjusting to addressing her in this new professional capacity…for example, beginning a formal business email with “Hi Mom.”