5 For Friday – Links, Stories, & Posts For Your Weekend

September 7th, 2012 by Search Influence Alumni

It’s that time of the week again — this week’s 5 for Friday is by Caleb Albritton, one of our development team members, so step right up for a mix of tech tips and SEO news you can use!

Cross Compiling Node.js v0.8.x — N8.io

In this blog post by Nathan Rajlich, we’re given some examples for how to compile the Node.js engine for the ARM architecture. This would be a beneficial read to anyone wanting to run Node.js on their new Raspberry Pi or Android device.

Ten Bets You Will Never Lose — LifeHacker

Originally published by LifeHacker.com, this article features a Youtube video showing you how to amaze your friends or win a few bar bets. Not only is it a pretty nifty video in general, it’s a great example of virality in action — check out those viewing numbers!

Speed Hashing — Coding Horror

Here Jeff Atwood expounds upon the way hashing works, rainbow tables, salts, and why secure hashes will always be inherently slow.

How to Craft a Killer Elevator Pitch — Dumb Little Man

Ever wanted to be able to pitch your brand, your company, or your product in a clean and concise manner? Reading this should give you a good idea for how to get started in the right direction for building your 30 second pitch.

Startups: This is how design works — Wells Riley

This site gives a great run-down about how companies should handle design for their brand, and how important it is to have an amazing designer be on your founding team from the very beginning.

Have any tech tips or useful links? Let us see them in the comments!