Will Scott’s Higher Ed SEO Blog: A Must-Read Journey on Search Engine Land

June 27th, 2023 by Collin Guedon

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Search Influence CEO and Co-Founder Will Scott had the opportunity to contribute a blog to Search Engine Land — a leading publication on digital marketing, advertising technology, and the MarTech landscape.

In his blog, “How Higher Education Is Failing at SEO,” Will shares his vast knowledge and the findings of Search Influence and UPCEA’s 2023 Higher Ed SEO Research Study.

Will Scott’s Search Engine Land Blog SparkNotes

Will’s blog pulls highlights from the UPCEA SEO research study to discuss the perception and comprehension of higher education SEO amongst marketing leaders.

The research findings might surprise you.

“84% of marketing departments see SEO as a core part of their marketing strategy, but half (51%) do not have an established SEO strategy.”

Will explains some possible reasons for this disconnect and how higher ed institutions can overcome these challenges.

Will believes there is SEO opportunity for higher ed institutions

While “there’s no silver bullet for higher education SEO,” higher ed institutions do have a unique competitive advantage.

“Given the importance of relevance and trust (surely you’ve heard of E-E-A-T), there are few more trusted websites than those associated with educational institutions. So as an academic unit within a university, your ability to appear for relevant searches is amplified. All you need is great content,” Will writes.

In true Will Scott fashion, the experienced SEO expert describes how higher ed institutions like yours can leverage Google Search Console and optimized content writing to your benefit.

The Higher Ed SEO Experts at Search Influence

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