Secret of Successful E-Mail Newsletters

September 22nd, 2009 by Search Influence Alumni

Many clients ask what the point of an e-mail newsletter is and how it can help them grow their business.  Will people read it?  Will it clog up potential customer inboxes? How much is it?

There are several reasons I recommend e-mail newsletters. Not only do they provide free information, they are also one of the least expensive and most effective tools to draw attention to a site.  Below are some additional advantages to implementing a company e-mail newsletter.

Stay in Touch

Stay in Touch

Stay in contact – Keep your business top of mind to your customers so that when they need a service you provide, they will contact you.  Newsletters serve as a reminder to customers to come back to your site.

Develop relationships and trust – You become familiar to your subscribers. Familiarity encourages return visits and establishes customer loyalty.

Promotional tool – A great way to communicate new products and announce new services.  Specials or discounts are a way to attract customers back to your site.  Offers entice subscribers who may not necessarily need the service but will be prompted to act during a special.

Increase site traffic – Again, good to send out when launching a new product or service.  Gives subscriber a reason to visit the site, helping drive additional traffic .
Set specific delivery time – Complete control of when information is disseminated.

Trackable – Use the newsletter as a research tool to see what people read about most and what they are most interested in hearing about.  Research will allow you to write a newletter for a specific target audience.

Provides immediate results – Real time statistics and data provide you with the information needed to evaluate the effectiveness of the newsletter.  Tweak future newsletters from that information.

When developing your newsletter consider the following:

  • Content has to engage readers.  Articles should be more informative and less like an advertisement.
  • Keep articles brief.
  • Use images to attract reader’s attention.
  • Use links and provide URL’s as additional resources.
  • Frequency is key. Stick to a regular schedule. Try to send out same time every month or week.

So if you are looking for a cost efficient way to target and reach a large group of customers or potential customers, consider an e-mail newsletter.