Search Influence’s Top 5 November Blogs

December 19th, 2016 by Search Influence Alumni

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#1: 4 Tips to Start Your Black Friday Social Media Strategy

It’s that time of the year again! Amanda Ball gave us some pointers on how companies can take advantage of online advertising at the busiest shopping time of the year.


#2: What Happened to Facebook’s 20% Text Grid Tool?

Our tech gurus at Search Influence have been keeping an eye on Facebook’s 20% Text Grid Tool updates. Meanwhile, Michelle Neuhoff Boyd’s blog, originally published in March 2016, is back on our top 5 list this month with some enlightening updates.

#3: 3 Things Leonard Cohen Taught Me About Content Marketing

The great Leonard Cohen left the world an extraordinary body of work when he passed away in November. Search Influence’s Joel Willson wrote about some of the lessons he learned about creating quality content from the great singer-songwriter.

#4: 8 Most Fun Jobs in New Orleans

We all know that there’s no place on Earth quite like New Orleans. Rachel Marsh shared her take on the 8 most fun jobs in the city.

#5: 5 Things to Know About Online Marketing Before Starting Your Own Business

Don’t let your small business get left in the dust. Mary Silva imparted some valuable tips on how to succeed in marketing your small business.

make-money with a small business

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