Meet Angie Scott, Co-Founder & Chief Operations Officer, Search Influence

March 6th, 2017 by Ann Wanserski

This blog is part of a series Search Influence is doing in anticipation of International Women’s Day on March 8th. We love to tout that 70% of our staff members are women and 66% of our senior management team are women, too. Far above the 20% average seen in the technology industry.

As the Chief Operations Officer and co-founder of Search Influence, Angie Scott can’t help but laugh at the idea of a typical day at the office. Each day brings a distinct set of challenges to tackle. Since the company’s founding 11 years ago, Angie has grown quite comfortable with a constantly changing schedule and to-do list.

“The thing I love about my day is that there is no such thing as a typical day,” explained Angie. “[It] could be anything from management of the company and teams in general, to negotiating with partners and vendors to overseeing Accounting and HR.” It’s not uncommon for her work days to extend into the p.m. as she works with her husband and Search Influence co-founder, Will Scott, to hash out new solutions to make the business run more efficiently.

Angie-Scott - Search-Influence

As a working mom, it’s vital to Angie that these solutions include creating a workplace environment where employees don’t have to choose between a career and parenting. As a result, Search Influence offers added flexibility for parents when the inevitable challenges come up. From leaving early to pick up a sick kid from school to having a comfortable and private area to breastfeed for new moms, the culture at Search Influence was built around the realities of parenthood.

“I truly enjoy being a working mom and want the other women that are out there that have the same feelings to be comfortable that they can do it all. We all know that moms are serious, playful, organized, and in charge—isn’t that who you want to be in the workforce with!” said Angie.

A big part of cultivating this environment is Angie’s honest approach to the “balancing act” of juggling motherhood and business. With so many moving parts, she has learned that the best approach to reducing stress is to simply embrace the natural ebb and flow of life rather than focusing too much on the perfect balance.

“You have to wake up each day believing it will all happen, it will be ok, and that you can take on anything, and then, just do it. I blend my balance—work comes home, family comes to work (literally…remember, I co-own this business with my husband), and I don’t cut off either one just because my environment is changed,” explained Angie. “In other words, if my kids have to hear about something I am challenged with or am updating my husband on regarding work, then so be it. I think it will make them a better business person when they grow up!”

Angie credits much of her inspiration and growth to her father. Growing up, she watched him work his way up from climbing poles with the local phone company to becoming the manager at CenturyTel for the entire state of Alabama.

“My dad not only told me to work hard but also showed me what that meant from a very young age,” said Angie. “By that, I don’t mean 12-hour days, seven days a week. What I mean is that he taught me to never give up, never hold back, and to do whatever it takes to succeed—all while having a great attitude, because he held his values very close.”

These values remain a big part of Angie’s driving force, both professionally and personally. Keeping family close, she hopes to pass on these same ideals to her children. With this in mind, she always makes time for quality, uninterrupted family activities, from a bike ride outside to just hanging out at home with a board game.

She offers this same advice to any working woman: “Life brings a lot of changes, but your family doesn’t change, so look to them for help, support, mentorship, and friendship.”