How Using Psychographics Can Shed Light on Your Buyer Personas

August 21st, 2019 by Katie Whittington

Custom graphic displaying psychographic elements

Looking at your buyer without understanding them as a whole is like ordering a hamburger without the toppings. Nobody wants a dry hamburger without cheese, bacon, tomatoes, pickles, or at least some sort of condiment. So why do some businesses only care that a buyer bought their product and not want to know why? This is where psychographics come into play. These provide insight on customers and why they do the things that they do.

How Do Psychographics Complete A Buyer Persona?

Psychographics are the toppings and the main flavor of your burger. If we are looking at it in terms of your customers, psychographics are the personality components that make your customers who they are as people.

Psychographics help you dive further into a person’s feelings, thoughts, decisions, opinions, and attitudes. The whole idea behind psychographics is relating to your customers on a deeper level. It provides an opportunity for a business owner to truly understand who their customers are, what they like to do, who they’re friends with, what TV shows they love, or even what they dislike.

Think about your closest friend or significant other and why you love and trust them. Is it because of what they do for you or is it because of how they make you feel? That feeling can be related to the psychographics of your friend or significant other. It shows you the heart and soul behind the person who is consistently doing nice things for you.

Now let’s relate that to your business.

Who do you think is more beneficial to your business: a one-time customer or a repeat customer? Obviously, repeat customers are more valuable because they drive your ROI and tell other people about your business. Their positive reviews help build a positive reputation that encourages other people to give you a try. But if you hadn’t truly connected with that first customer, they wouldn’t have vouched for you.

As business owners, we need to understand that it’s more than just what a client can do for you, it’s about who they are as a person. Why do they trust you, come back to your business, and share their exciting news with you? It’s because you’ve built trust and spent time understanding who they are as a real person. You took the time to see them not just as a price tag but as a genuine hardworking and loyal person.

You bought into who they are and in return, they bought into your business.

How Do You Obtain Psychographic Information?

It’s time to sit down and really dive deep into what is important to you about your customers.

This is where you can gather your team and brainstorm. Maybe sit around and talk about some of their favorite customers. Have your team provide a memorable story, what they love about that customer, describe their relationship to the customer, and give personality details about who they are.

After you’ve spent the afternoon bonding as a team and connecting over how great your customers are, it’s time to focus your efforts on making connections with future customers.

So how do we do this?

Simple, those customers that were spoken highly of can provide insight better than anyone else. Utilize this. Hold interviews with your customers where you can ask them all about how they feel about your company, what they like and dislike, and what keeps them coming back.

Next, you can send out surveys to other customers via email asking them similar questions. As a business owner, you can go a step further by connecting with them on their social media accounts.

Social media can be a useful resource for learning more about your customers. You can see which types of music they listen to, where they spend their free time, what their family life is like, and even their feelings on a plethora of topics.

From here, you can enter all of this information into your own Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. This will come in handy when you want to create look-a-likes for your Facebook Remarketing or Google Display Remarketing advertisements. Not only that, but it can provide concrete data that can pull similar interests that connect your customers to one another.

So remember, a burger will always taste best fully dressed, and a buyer persona is better with a psychographic to support it. Not sure where to start creating your psychographics? From strategy to social media management, Search Influence is here to help. Get started by contacting us today.


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